Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Dark New Things

The Witchcraft Museum in Boscastle, Cornwall has relaunched its website at Both the site and the museum itself are well worth a visit. I've been there several times, danced outside and sung in The Welly round the corner with the lovely museum staff.

They have a massive historical collection with many rare artefacts and books.  Very highly recommended.


New dark fiction magazine, erm 'Dark Fiction Magazine' launches on 31st October. It will be a collection of audio short stories.

Its press release says "This is a free service designed to promote genre short fiction to an audience of podcast and radio listeners. A cross between an audio book, an anthology and a podcast, Dark Fiction Magazine is designed to take the enjoyment of short genre fiction in a new and exciting direction..." Looking forward to this!


  1. I'll be checking them both out. Thanks, Lily.

  2. I want to go ! Suond cool, Lily. And thanks for the mag link. Wow. I just found out about two other new online mags this week. Inspiration is hitting like lightning bolts.

  3. Looking forward to checking out the Dark Fiction Magazine, and the Witchcraft site looks like a great late night surf!


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