Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Under Naked Leaves

She's drunker than
September berries
asleep on the ground,
her bloom bursting black
with fermenting darkness
and sweet sugar juice.

Happy Equinox everyone.
23rd September, 3:09am GMT.

I'm drumming in Mabon. Peering through the veil. Welcome to the autumn.


  1. That little poem seems very sultry to me, Lily. Loved it.

    Is the Equinox the reason for all our TV's and Radio's going doolally up here? Rain, thunder and lightning have turned up tonight. Enjoy your night.

  2. Thanks David. I'm envious that the Lords of Thunder have chosen you this night. :)

    Who needs blackberry wine at a time like this?

  3. Equinox is an important date for me in a way, it's when my protagonist, Autumn, was born. Very big day for the lady.

    Happy Equinox everyone :)


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