Sunday, 5 September 2010

Film Score Fantasy

If your book sold the film rights and you had any iota of a say in what music - be it song or instrumental - was to be the theme tune/score, what would you choose - and why? May I just point out though, this a is a fantasy question - it ain't never gonna happen! (Don't correct my English.)

For 'Dispirited' - about a rip-off artist, it might be 'What Kind of Fool' by All About Eve - all about leaving your most precious things out in the rain.

For 'Magenta Shaman' - Insomnia by Faithless. All those delirious things that happen to your head when you "can't get no sleep..." yet Magenta goes to those places whenever she wants to.

I'm loving Florence and the Machine's 'Girl with One Eye' below - no book to associate it with so maybe just a Launch Party dream. :) Or write something about a pie. So Grace Slick.

Tell me more...


  1. I had a draft of a novel called "The Beautiful People". It's not very good and needs a complete rewrite which I never get around to, but I'd have Marilyn Manson's song of the same name as the title track if the fantasy ever came true...

  2. Great title! I love that track (might have to go and play it now). Let us know if the novel ever sees the light of day.:)

  3. For my books, anything by Ry Cooder, or Basil Poledouris or Ennio Morricone I guess.

    then again, maybe I'd go with Doughtry.

  4. As I mentioned on TB, my novel Fragile would probably either have I'm OK or Oh Mother by Christina Aguilera, because a) that's what's inspired the novel and b) they both fit perfectly.

    For Dreaming Death it's a little more tricky. I haven't actually heard a track that would fit it, yet.

  5. Uh, meant to mention. I have written some stories about a PIE.

  6. Great post. For a musical score it would be either Vangelis, Ennio Morricone (the master of them all), or if he were still alive, Jerry Goldsmith.

  7. Matt, Ellie - aiming high then?

    Pixie - good choices.

    And Matt - I don't doubt at all that you've written some stories bout a PIE :)

  8. Lily, great shout. I'm nowhere near that yet, but I would sell my sould to the devil to have this song in a film of my novel (I am writing one) Check this link and turn it up.

  9. That song's so powerful David. I can see it being used in the Clockwork Orange/Scorsese/Tarrantino tradition of classical music being played as victims are beaten to a pulp/hacked to death etc on screen.

    I absolutely love that use of incongruous song or music. It's the musical equivalent of using a comedian to play a villain in a serious role - highly disturbing.


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