Thursday, 19 August 2010

Lily's Friday Prediction

Another 'just past midnight' call - here in England, at least.

It's been a productive week with 12500 words of 'Dispirited' (da novel) typed up. I've another 30k of the handwritten stuff to type up and edit before I have to break through that block and spill out the remaining 50k of Alex's story - and it's a nasty one - as is Alex. Or is she really?

Anyway, this is not the place for unsolicited publicity. Let's take a look at this week's threesome, about which I am particularly amused. Two of them are so obvious you may think them deliberately contrived; they're not! Honest.

So here they are. I expect some real goodies in response this week. As usual, 100 words max, excluding title, using the EXACT word(s) - not different tense or plurals.

Please add your entries to the Comments box below. Good luck.
  • Carotid artery [I know! Honest - it really did come up]
  • Dominion
  • Spinach (there's the challenge)
Here you go...


  1. Jumping in already with my entry...

    The pan spilled with wilting spinach. Moments later the green leaves shrank to nothing, laying in a soft layer. A fig, a slice of water melon; the exquisite colours played upon the plate, dancing across the pale fillet of veal. The couple ate in silence, their eyes never leaving each other.

    Pushing empty dishes away Carlotta reached out towards her lover, spidering long fingers behind the long neck.

    ‘Elizabetta, welcome to my Dominion.’

    ‘I belong to no-one, Carlotta. You take this seduction too seriously.’

    Acquiescent, the older woman fell upon Elizabetta’s warm neck. The carotid artery pulsed – waiting.

  2. He's Popeye The Sailor-man

    He held dominion over me and my entire family. For years he dictated how much, when and where we could ply our trade. His dominance filled my every waking moment.

    That was until the fateful morning the blockage led to a massive aneurysm turning his brain into spinach.

    I felt sorry for him as he lay in bed, eyes bugging out in their silent gaze. Mouth open and drooling, unable to speak.

    Nearly imperceptible traces of arsenic administered over time can build in the carotid artery, eventually leading to inter-cranial bleeds. He didn't know that.

    I did.

  3. Lily - beautiful turn. Didn't see the vamp coming, but worked nicely.

    Michael - you've got a running theme going of slow and painful death here. I like it.

    And now for something completely different ...

    L'il Kezz

    "Eat your spinach," snarled the black and crimson Archdemon.

    "No!" screamed the little demon in reply. He stamped his foot, sending sparks of flaming brimstone swirling through the air.

    "Only demons that eat their spinach get to spin the rack, Kezz," replied his mother in a low, even tone. Her carotid artery thrummed like a triphammer, showing how close she was to losing it.

    "It's just not FAIR." Kezz whined. "None of the other demons in this rotten dominion have to eat vegetables."

    "They do so," said his mother, through gritted teeth."And they're called "Coma patients."

  4. Michael - lovely little tale of long drawn out murder. Great title - someone had to do it!

    Chris - hilarious last line! Those darned demon-kids, they never do as they're told.

  5. No-one's yet pointed out the obvious - that it's Thursday today! I'm wishing my life away! Never mind - means you get an extra day.


  6. Well Lily, I was in bed...and I was about to say, hang on a minute, I swear it was Thursday! I take it you're not really with it today? ;)

    If I can, I might try an entry, but hard words, make it hard work!

    Pixie x

  7. Chris:

    Lovely fantasy tale. Very clever.

  8. Lily, I'm doing my own head in at the moment by trying to post something new every day and you've sent me over the edge. I thought I'd lost a day!

    Phew! I'll be back with a story and to read everyone else's pieces.

  9. Sorry Pix, David. Too many late nights; too many projects on the go. If only it really was Friday today - can't wait for the weekend.

  10. Love the stories already here!

    Lily - a great 'dessert' after the main course!

    Michael - malice aforethought - and then some!

    Chris - nice to see even li'l demons have to eat up their greens (although my own li'l demon never would!) This, I think, is my personal favourite story, thus far!

    And here's mine:


    Spinach smoothie – green, wholesome and a great start to the day.

    Paul Hollis downed it in one go, brushing away the remnants on his lips with the back of his hand. His skin felt odd without the usual latex barrier, but that would soon change.

    Glancing at the schedule he extracted a pair of gloves and marched to the table, dragging forward a stool. He seated himself, feeling the thrill of discovery in this, his dominion, and flipped back the sheet.

    “Now, Myra, let’s see what really killed you,” he said, knowingly, sliding the probe under her exposed carotid artery.

  11. Elegant slice of life Sue. Liked it a lot!

  12. Sorry Sue - could have sworn I'd commented on your piece!

    Great write - I'm not sure if it was the spinach smoothie or the coroner's (?) easy transition from breakfast to probing the deceased that made me feel more nauseous.

  13. I know - spinach smoothie - eeeuw! And yet, my daughter swears by it - strange child.....

  14. Caught David Barber's effort from a previous week and thought I'd give it a shot.
    The Spinach Dominion

    Just back from the Spinach Dominion, Esther stepped lively to report in.

    “Yo Essie?”

    Ester turned to see Phil running towards her.

    “What is it Phil?” She continued walking.

    Phil caught up and grabbed her arm to make her stop.

    “Dammitt Phil, let go. I’m late as it is.”

    Phil placed a finger on her carotid artery.

    “What the Hell are you doing Phil?”

    “Just making sure the Essie we sent to Veggie Ville is the Essie we got back.”

    Phil roasted her with his Lazgun.

    The whiff of burnt onion made him conclude, no, Essie was now plant food.

  15. Hey there MRMacrum. Welcome to the Friday Prediction.

    Perfectly-written hundred-worder. Poor Esther; I guess she was back on a conversion mission. That Cult of the Spinach Dominion - it's creeping ever closer.


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