Friday, 23 July 2010

Lily's Friday Prediction

Can you come up with flash fiction of 100 words (max)? My weekly challenge is to write a piece that includes three words or terms chosen by bibliomancy (as in - I shut my eyes, lay my hands on the dictionary, let the pages fall open and stick a finger on the page. What ever I land on, goes in the list of three.)

This week's three are below. What can you do? Add your contribution in the Comments box at the end.

  • Magnetic
  • Reflection
  • Hanging Gardens


  1. He was born in the wrong century. How he longed to walk in the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, staring at his reflection in the cooling pools, lazing the days away with no worry of intergalactic destruction.

    His momentary daydream over, he pushed the magnetic spectrometer forward and fired the gamma rays full force.

    Earth had been a lovely place, once so very long ago.

  2. They were mindlessly in their rapture. Seemingly magnetic to the iron-babble of the lunatic. All they saw, or believed they saw was a reflection of their own brainwashed beliefs.

    They carried that strange notion with them to the gibbet, of which there were three dozen, one apiece. All constructed by their own praying hands whilst their mouths worked at song.

    As one they dropped, snapped and dangled to become a hanging garden of sacrifice through which the lunatic strode, stroking feet as though they were ripened fruit upon the trees of his Eden.

  3. Oh bliss. Two powerful and exquisitely written pieces.

    Michael, I loved this wistful and lonely SF glimpse of a forlorn Gaia.

    Lee, in so few (beautifully articulated) words you evoked a dark history of obsession and death. Right up my street, the last paragraph in particular. Lovely.


  4. Yes, I agree, two fabulously thoughful stories.

    (Actually, 'fabulously' and 'thoughtful' are two words that shouldn't be placed together like that, but I guess you get my drift?)


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