Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Woe La Poxette

Doxy’s got the pox.
Poxy Doxy’s in the dock,
Face all lumpen
Dropping scabs
Of blackened blood
Onto the courtroom floor
Of hated Judge Malcreed.

Doxy’s gonna drop.
Cocky Doxy’s got to hop,
Her legs deformed
And broken.
The noose awaits
Courtesy of last year’s
Lover, filthy Judge Malcreed.

Doxy’s got the knock.
Stroppy Doxy’s got to stop
The hangman’s hand.
She shudders,
Kicks, dies screaming
Spitting out the curse at
Killer, vile Judge Malcreed.

Doxy’s dumped on top.
Rotting doxies turn to slop.
In the courtroom
Blind man cries,
Cock collapsing
Balls of green erupt all
Over desperate Judge Malcreed.

Poxy’s got a stump.
Poxy falls before he jumps
Off Tower Bridge
He drools for help
But no-one comes.
He begs for death, but death
Won’t entertain old Judge Malcreed.

Poxy’s gone to pot.
Poxy lives a doxy’s lot
His body’s bare
Ravaged and scarred,
A limbless whore.
He sells his soul, condemned
To hell.

Poxy Judge Malcreed.


  1. Well that was a poxy effort!! Joke - just in case you didn't catch the tone of voice and the clever play on words ;-)

  2. This has made my night, Pixie. I love it!

  3. Erm, it's Lily, Ellie - not Pixie!! PJK's too innocent to know about such things. It's the doxy's title of 'La Poxette' that's confused matters I do believe!

  4. this is wicked Lily, what can you do with lepers?

  5. Ooh Michael, I don't know. Too many Monty Python scenes come to mind!

    I have always had a terrible obsession with 18th century prostitutes and syphilis - suspect it's to do with previous lifetimes.

    'The Libertine' has Johnny Depp's Earl of Rochester unpleasantly disfigured as a result of his bawdy and hedonistic lifestyle. I shouldn't enjoy the glamour - there isn't any - but I can't help it.

    Eliza Carthy's 'The Unfotunate Lass' has her character 'salivating' which was the contemporary term. It's tragic. Sample at

  6. Love the offbeat, spooky rhyme to this, and of course, all your dark language!


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