Sunday, 20 June 2010

Magenta Shaman

Magenta visited a lair today. The journey was not so much hard, as difficult to see through the ether.

When she got to her destination, courtesy of a very cross white stallion and a persistent eagle, she had to travel down a dragon's spine to find what she was seeking.  And by the Goddess, was she disturbed at who she found there.

Trouble is, the man was quite content to slumber, but after 20,000 odd years, Magenta's woken him up. He ain't happy.


  1. Grand start, I'd like to see more...

  2. Hi Michael

    Thank you. I've already got a 6500 word Magenta Shaman piece doing the rounds - it's getting good feedback but not getting accepted.

    She needs a series really, I've got a few others 'episodes' started and lots of ideas for other 'journeys'. She's desperate to be out there! And it's something I'm particularly serious about wanting to get published.


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