Friday, 25 June 2010

Lily's Friday Prediction

Come on peeps. More entries please! I am, however a hypocrite as I've only added my entry to last week's LFP this morning. Fancy a bit of sacrifice? Find it in the comments here.

This week's words are... challenging (David Barber, you know you like one!)
  • Stipend
  • Scabies
  • and - get this - Edward Stanley 14th Earl of Derby
    (1799 - 1869) As background he was a Whig (Liberal) who became a staunch Conservative and then served as Prime Minister. Sound strangely familiar?
    I'm going to be generous on this last one - any interpretation or use of any of the words is acceptable.
So, the usual; up to 100 words flash fiction, or evidence that the above words serve as some kind of prediction by the end of the week. Please post as comments below.


  1. Hope this one covers all bases - even added a couple from your historical character bio :-)

    Edward Stanley, pimp, rocconteur, cocked back his Derby and scratched the weaping red patch on his pate. Unlike his famous namesake, he was no 14th Earl, but he'd still a prime domain to minister it over. Not for much longer though: it was one thing paying a stipend bribe to the local CID boss, another when the frickin' Health Authorities were slapping him with a 'notice of closure'. That'd learn him for being too liberal with who got to lie with his girls. Nah, conservative all the way, until his outbreak of scabies was cleared up.

  2. Silly me - raconteur! Didn't spell it right, didn't even mean to write it. Should read racketeer. Obviously I'm not a 'skilled story teller'!

  3. Hah! Love it, whichever way. I have visions of a Russel Brand type weaving his wiley way with words.

    Great one. Thanks Matt.

  4. Not so much a story as a scene - but here you go!

    "What's your dog's name?"


    "Rather a common name, isn't it?"

    "Not really. It's short for 'Edward Stanley. Y'know, Fourteenth Earl of Derby?'

    "There must be a story behind that."

    "There is. I picked him up with the last of my stipend from when I interned last summer."

    "Does he come from a well known family? Is that it?"

    "No ... I had him from a homeless man with scabies."

    "Gross. So please - the name."

    "Oh, right. Well, before he had a name, we were crossing the park."


    "And he shat on the Earl's statue."

    "Ah. Brilliant."


  5. Yes Chris, it IS brilliant! Really enjoyed this, thanks.


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