Tuesday, 25 May 2010

I'll see you...

This morning I walked my daughter to school. Taking the same route on the way back, I saw a playing card face down on the pavement that wasn't there before. It was a grubby thing. I wouldn't normally touch a piece of filth lying in the street and I did walk past.

I couldn't stop thinking about it. It had to have been put there for me. It could change everything. It would be the six of diamonds.

I retraced the 200 yards, crossing the main road in exactly the same place as a moment before. Marching towards the card with its traditional blue and white design that lay there still - waiting for me - I made sure there was no-one else around. I bent down to pick it up.

I held my breath. I took it between my fingers. I turned it over.

It was the nine of spades.


  1. It looks like there are other cards in your future. Secret messages, especially in the form of cards on the street, are always intriguing to me and I liked how this ended - all we know is that things won't change...or will they?

  2. Loved this! Why did you want the 6 of Diamonds? Do you know the meaning of the 9 of Spades? If you don't, have you looked them both up? Knowing you, you probably have :)

  3. Mmmn, no I haven't looked their meanings up yet (I know Kaz, I'm slacking) but you're both right. I shall. No idea why the six of diamonds came through.

    I'll report back!


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