Wednesday, 5 May 2010

6S - the Six Sentences network

Thanks to spotting a post on the horribly marvellous Erin Cole's blog - 'Listen to the Voices', I have joined 6S - the Six Sentences network at

Say anything - in six sentences, fact, fiction, rant. Members comment live.

It's fun and also a challenge. Join online, and wait (in my case about 18 hours) to be approved.

My first (fictional) piece is:

State of Grace

Collapsing, heavy on the bench Grace passed me her bottle-in-a-bag.

“Share it with me Jimmy, I can’t do this anymore.”

The fat in her legs glowed purple, straining from the top of broken shoes; chins moved independently with every word she spoke. She belched, a rank eruption from a rotted gut, her apology left unuttered.

She told me once, how it was to live under the pressure of that name; “to eat, to drink, to drink and eat”, she said was “at fourteen the counteraction, the reaction”, “the gutter a place of shame” into which it was safe to escape.

Never would her mother see the ballerina Grace would never be.

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