Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Silhouette - Clarity of Night

Just submitted my last minute entry for Silhouette - Clarity of Night comp at which closes tomorrow. It's a previously unwritten excerpt from Magenta Shaman.

Thanks Lee (Hughes) - saw it on your blog today. Read your story too - excellent. And David Barber's. And Chris Allinotte's, Paul D Brazill's, Alan Griffiths, Stephen Hill's, Michael J. Solender's and Angel Zapata's. All so brilliant - like I've got a hope in hell!

Also submitted a story 'Pretty Pinheads' to TKnC - even if it is a bit too long (smiles nicely).

Sleep well. Don't invite the monsters in.


  1. Don't invite the monsters in? we are the monsters!

  2. On my way over, Lily. Good luck.

  3. It's not there yet! Jason is having a rest.


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