Thursday, 10 December 2009

New Lily Childs story 'Face Off' and welcome to new horror E-Zine

Thanks to Coly Bury for publishing my latest short story, Face Off, over at Thrillers Killers 'n' Chillers.


I keep it in a bag, my face. It hides there of a night when I slumber and dream.

I pull my hair back and look at the bare-faced lie reflected back at me in the mirror. A blank canvas. I could do anything with it. I could be anyone.

But I want to be me. I’ve always wanted to be me, not her.

The ritual begins.

Very pleased to hear about T R Shaw's new horror e-zine for women writers 'A Darker Spirit'. It's a brilliant initiative, and I wish her every success with it.
Hope to submit some pieces myself!
Lily Childs is a writer of horror, esoteric, mystery and chilling fiction.

If you see her dancing outside in a thunder storm - don't try to bring her in. She's safe.