Tuesday, 1 December 2009

All the best...

If it wasn't for Matt Hilton and Col Bury's TK'n'C I wouldn't be as enthusiastic about writing as I am today.

Far from the tea-sipping, jam sponge-munching grannies worshipping the local vicar I was scared the 'writing community' was, I have found reason, treason, misreason and unbelievable honesty in all the writers I have met since going heavy at the beginning of this year.

They are:
  • Mat Hilton, best selling author of Dead Men's Dust and Judgement & Wrath Website/blog
  • Col Bury, co-editor of TK'n'C, destined for great things in noir TK'n'C | Website/blog
  • Lee Hughes, by the Goddess, you need to read his stuff. It twists with dark excitement. TK'n'C | Website/blog
  • David Barber, dark, clever and horridly humerous. TK'n'C | Website/blog
  • A.J. Humpage - AJ's writing is terrifyingly piercing. I defy your heart not to scream in terror or emotion. TK'n'C
  • Pixie J. King.Watch this girl. She may be young but she never fails to stun with her insights. TK'n'C | Website/blog
The list could go on. and it will...

If you want to see any of my own stuff on TK'n'C, click here. Apparently it's, erm... rather shocking. I'm so glad.


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