Thursday, 24 September 2009


Need some help please.

What food do goldfish like best? Is it plant based? Do they like a bit of MEAT in their diet?


  1. I've done a little researching for you and things.

    Goldfish *can* eat meat as well as other food such as lettuce and peas, but normal fish food is what they eat.

    Not sure if that helped....


  2. Thanks Pixie.

    I was just wondering how carniverous they are...


  3. Not sure about goldfish but perch are semi carniverous(like a goldfish but with spikes on the back)and a cut out of one featured on my car windscreen in the late 70's.Do you remember?
    PS congrats on winning the competition.

  4. Budd!!!

    I do indeed!

    Thanks for that.

    Big smiles :)

  5. Munch. Tale of goldfish lurve coming up soon.

  6. Got this a bit late, but Goldfish eat Goldfish food.
    Me being silly, albeit true.
    Most fish shops sells daphnia (water fleas) n my tropical fish, including a goldfish, devour them and bloodworm. It's entertaining, too - all that wriggling n jumping (talkin about the fish!).

  7. Thanks Col.

    So there is a little taste for blood in their fishy world; that's handy to know.

    I like the vision of them all thrashing about - wouldn't want to be in the tank or pool with them. Wouldn't want someone else to accidentally fall in either... not really... ?

  8. Cats! It would be funny though!

    Great site Lily. Have put a link on my blog to yours and thanks for your comments on my writing.

    Regards, David.

  9. Cats - ha! My eponymous cat is too silly and definitely too slow to catch a goldfish, so it might well be that, should she find herself near a tank, the fish would leap up, suck her in with those great big, hoover-like mouths and gobble her up instead.

    I'll peep at your blog now! Thanks for the link.




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