Tuesday, 5 July 2016


Believe (in) it or not, the planets turn and the stars point their sparkling, razor fingers at you the very moment you're born. What does the sun say, and better still... what does the moon say?

No New Age 'love and light' fluffiness, THE THIRTEEN SIGNS is a horrorscape of zodiacal darkness brought to you by Dean M Drinkel and Nocturnicorn Books.

I'm very proud to be a part of this, alongside such wickedly talented authors.

The Thirteen Signs - Table of Contents

Foreword: Alex S. Johnson
Introduction: Dean M Drinkel
The Order Of Aries: Mark West
Come Join The Blood Parade: Lily Childs
Seven For Eight: Romain Collier
Carapace: Raven Dane
Leo: Tim Dry
Solomon Carson And The Death Of A Virgin: Trevor Kennedy and Robert E. Tate
Leeber: Christine Dougherty
The Scorpion Dance: Amelia Mangan
One in Twelve: Steve Byrne
A Sorrow Of Sweet Pipings: Jan Edwards
Ganymede: Emile-Louis Tomas Jouvet
Hooked: James Everington
Worshipping The Snake: Dean M Drinkel

Cover reveal coming soon, The Thirteen Signs will be available from the end of July 2016.

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  1. Earthling...
    When our eternal soul
    leaves our mortal body
    to meet our Maker,
    only four, last things remain:
    death, judgement, Heaven or Hell
    according to the deeds WEE mortals
    accomplished in our expired existence.

    ⬆️I'm a re-boot NDE⬇️
    If you're RIGHT,
    you'll see LIGHT -
    follow that to the Elysian Fields.
    Let's be tethered2forever Upstairs.

    Find-out what RCIA means and join.
    Make Your Choice -SAW

    ⚠️DO NOT⚠️take the Mark of the Beast;
    otherwise, we'll be in two, different eternities.


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