Tuesday, 9 September 2014

FCon, The Asylum Novel and Killer Bees From Outer Space!

In a week that saw me stalking attendants of FantasyCon 2014 from afar (Twitter), I managed a couple of achievements that I'm pretty proud of, thank you very much!

FantasyCon 2014

Firstly though, on the FCon front, despite not being able to rub shoulders this year with the likes of Phil Sloman, Steven Chapman, James Everington, Mark West, Jan Edwards, Simon Marshall-Jones, Gary McMahon and (sniff) Joanne Harris it was great to keep up with all the news and awards.

In particular, a huge congratulations to Jan Edwards and her team, as The Alchemy Press won the British Fantasy Society Award for Best Independent Press 2014. Well deserved.

The 'Asylum' Novel

I've been needling away at the currently untitled 'asylum' novel for a while now. And THE END is nigh!

The milestone word count of 80,000 words has now been tipped and I'm on the final run towards the last 15k or so words of the first draft.

Thank you to so many of you for your support - and patience. More news soon, and fingers crossed it'll be good news.

Killer Bees From Outer Space!

I'm thrilled to announce that my B-movie story BITE OF THE HORRORCANE has been selected from over sixty submissions to be included in KILLER BEES FROM OUTER SPACE. 

This is a new anthology from Knightwatch Press and is due for publication in 2015. KWP's inspiring owner and MD, Theresa Derwin is the editor of this antho. I'm really looking forward to finally working with her.

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