Friday, 6 December 2013

Beastly Offerings - The Bestiarum Vocabulum

The Bestiarum Vocabulum, the long-awaited second book in Western Legends Publishing's TRES LIBORUM PROHIBITORUM series, has finally seen the light (or dark) of day.

Edited once again by Dean M. Drinkel, the new anthology brings together 26 writers to present an A - Z of mythical beasts and creatures of urban legend.

A catalog of mythic beasts and demons that were summoned by esoteric means. Once owned by Count Allesandro Di Cagliostro, it was thought forever lost in a fire at the Chateau de Versailles. Two hundred years later, twenty-six modern day masters of the macabre bring The Bestiarum Vocabulum back from the ashes.

My story, RAPTURE, comes under 'V' for Veltis. Set between wars in the suburbs of a London-like city, Richard Walters has tired of his once-exotic wife, and the tedium of everyday life. Succumbing to a voyeuristic bent, Walters is drawn to a sleazy drinking club, The Rapture, where a sweet cheroot-sucking stranger offers him a dream - at an undisclosed price.

The secrets Richard uncovers and the place he encounters the mysterious Veltis are far from a dream, and yet so much more. Love, lust or horror - you be the judge.


Please enjoy The Bestiarum Vocabulum. The authors are true masters and mistresses of darkness. Their words will chill, thrill and excite you; sadden, worry and terrify you. Such is the deal. Your reviews and opinions are, as always, welcome.

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Emile-Louis Tomas Jouvet, Jan Edwards, Martin Roberts, Lisa Jenkins, Peter Mark May, Raven Dane, Joe Mynhardt, Rakie Keig, D.T. Griffith, Mark West, John Palisano, Amelia Mangan, Robert Walker, Christine Dougherty, Tim Dry, Nerine Dorman, Dean M. Drinkel, Christine Morgan, Tej Turner, D.M. Youngquist, Jason D. Brawn, Lily Childs, Andy Taylor, Sandra Norval, Adrian Chamberlin, and Barbie Wilde.



Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Fresh Fear in paperback - and the first reviews

You can now buy Fresh Fear: Contemporary Horror, edited by William Cook in paperback from:


Reviews have started to trickle in, and make very interesting reading:

"Into the dark corridors of an urban cannibal’s lair we dare to tread with “Strange Tastes” by Lily Childs...

...These are all talented writers, with Scathe meic Beorh, Lily Childs, Charlee Jacob, and D. F. Noble being the undisputed stars."

Read the full 4* review...
Joshua Skye for Dark Media

"I love horror anthologies, and I can honestly say I have never read one where I enjoyed every single story. There always tends to be one or two duds, right? With "Fresh Fear", this just wasn't the case!...

...a few stories that stuck with me for days after reading, especially "So Much Pain, So Much Death", "The Door", and "Strange Tastes".

Read the full 5* review...
Marianne Reid on Goodreads

"I normally tear through these anthologies, but this one requires a little more time due to how amazing each and every story is...

,,,there is not a single story I would pass on during a second reading of this. It really is one of the best anthologies of the year."

Read the full 5* review...
Dave Granger on Goodreads

A huge thanks to readers - all reviews are very welcome!


Lily Childs is a writer of horror, esoteric, mystery and chilling fiction.

If you see her dancing outside in a thunder storm - don't try to bring her in. She's safe.