Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Predictions and Poetry

The legacy of the weekly fiction Prediction challenge is that this week it has spawned bountiful fruit, in book form.

Firstly, I was absolutely delighted to receive through the post, a signed and dedicated, fully-illustrated booklet of Prediction contributor and artist Sandra Davies's extraordinary series:
The blacksmith's wife.

Such was the rolling, roiling emotion of this epic tale - packed with debauchery, manipulation and vice - that we were carried along on the journey with the characters as they battled between love and hate, passion and abuse.

How anyone could perpetuate such a story using only 100 words at a time, that had to include three words given by myself or Phil Ambler - well, it is a stunning skill.

Fans of The blacksmith's wife can buy a copy of Sandra's book from Lulu.com. And Sandra? Thank you for this wonderful gift. I shall treasure it.

~ * ~

The second pleasure of the week was to finally see William Davoll's unique poetry up on Amazon, as a Kindle ebook. I am conscious of the pain and experience that went into writing The Five Daughters of Spite, some of which made their way onto The Prediction in one form or another.

William has brought together fifty poems under the headings of Fear, Revenge, Betrayal, Injustice and Loss. Some will chill your soul, others make you laugh in dark appreciation. And then more will make you question your own moral responses or perhaps bring a tear to your eye.

William was kind enough to thank me in his opening acknowledgements; it was genuinely a pleasure.

Please support our writer friend, and poetry as a whole by downloading The Five Daughters of Spite ebook from Amazon. As they say, you won't regret it.


As a last nod to The Prediction; it is on the move again. Phil Ambler kindly took on the reigns from me last year and did a mighty fine job of posting the words from the old tome and judging the many posts from loyal and new 'Predictioneers.'

Phil's final judgement comes on Thursday 31 January - so rush on over, there's still time to enter! From Friday 1st Feb the tome will fall into the capable and talented hands of Colleen Foley over at http://predictionfiction.blogspot.co.uk. Do pay her a visit and perpetuate what has now become a tradition.

Thank you Phil; thank you Colleen! And the very best of luck and success to all Predictioneers.



  1. Lily, I would also add that as well as enjoyment, both from writing for and reading other's contributions, the Prediction is marvellous training for any aspiring writer - to craft an entertaining tale from 100 words while incorporating the three totally disparate prompts hones one's abilities beyond expectation.
    'The blacksmith's wife' is evidence of this, the writing therein surprising me on a weekly basis.

  2. Lily I cannot thank you enough for your kind words! More so, for starting The Prediction! I'm so honored to be keeping company with you and Phil by giving The Prediction its new home! It would be an honor if you came to play with us now and again!


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