Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Demonologia Biblica - K is for Kilcrops

2013 has only just begun and I have news!

Back in August 2012 I was approached by Dean M Drinkel, editor and author (and award-winning screenwriter and director, blimey!) to ask if I'd be interested in contributing to an exciting anthology "about demons" for new publisher, Western Legends.

I um'd and ahh'd then bit his hand off and said "yes please", all very polite-like.

The remit was to write a story of around 5000 words to a given letter of the alphabet relating to demons, which would form The Demonologia Biblica. The cover would come from extraordinary artist James Powell. How could I possibly resist?

K is for Kilcrops

I was allocated the letter K, and despite a thorough trawl through the Malleus Maleficarum, Crowley tomes and a whole library of dark material I've accumulated over the years only one name really caught my attention. A Kilcrops, put simply - the offspring of an incubus and a mortal woman that roams, ravenous - ever suckling, ever hungry.

My tale, The Twistweaver's Son is the story of two Victorian sisters separated by the sea, by lust and by obsession.

In the depths of a French forest roams Le ChĂȘnard – Oak Man, or Twistweaver – an entity  that seeks out human souls, ever creeping, ever entwining itself into the fronds of mortal minds. And in the village of Noirchapel waits the Twistweaver's English lover Carolyn, nurturing a son like no other, Jacques - and Jacques is desperate to feed.


I am so proud to be amongst the contributors to this exceptional anthology, which includes authors I greatly admire such as Mark West, Simon Kurt Unsworth, Barbie Wilde, Dave Jeffery, Jan Edwards, Adrian Chamberlin, Raven Dane, William Meikle, John Palisano... I cannot wait to read all the stories from these hugely talented writers.

Coming soon to Amazon...


  1. Cool stuff, eh? Glad to be sharing space with you, Lily and looking forward to reading your story.

    1. Cheers Mark: ditto. It's such a great concept, and with writers like this it can only be great. Can't wait!

  2. Well done, Lily - and Le ChĂȘnard sounds like a great tale.


  3. Bravo Lily - this one's made for you!


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