Friday, 18 May 2012

Lily's Friday Prediction - Thank you and goodnight

Damn it, but I can't see; I seem to be awash with emotion. As if the Olympic Torch starting its journey to the UK today and Donna Summer dancing over to the other side aren't enough - letting go of The Prediction has hit me even harder than I thought it would.

I'll have a few more words to say after I announce last week's winners...

Winners of Last Week's Prediction Challenge

Stunning, stunning entries. How could I possibly choose? But it's tradition, and so I declare the winner of the Feardom's final Prediction challenge with a spiralling, mythical tale of primal beauty is...

R.S. Bohn, and One Night. The extraordinary vision, so beautifully crafted drifts us in and out of the creation process, grasping and grateful for freedom. I loved it. Your writing never fails to stir me and this is a wonderful example of your delicate skill. Congratulations Rebecca.

I have two runners-up, because I could not choose between them, different though they are:

Aidan Fritz's Brüder - so clever, so inspired. As I said in my comments, Aidan never fails to educate me - pointing at historical or mythical events and characters I feel I should know. I genuinely suffer from a very short memory so no matter how passionate I am about a topic - I will forget. I did know about the Deutches Wörterbuch - once. Thank you for the reminder, for bringing Grimm and the 'players' together and for that last word. And please sell this as the next box-office smash.

asuqi's Smile and No Harm Will Be Done gathered together so many symptoms of society's expectations and failures in 100 words, and despite a daily urban horror event in itself asuqi's unique wordcraft lifted this piece to an ethereal level. "bites through his crust and impersonates a woman" will stay with me forever, as will those creaking Northern Lights - do they...?

Very well done Aidan and asuqi, and all the rest of you too.

Words for 18 May 2012...

...are up at The Prediction's new home at 9am UK time where the weekly challenge rises like a fiction Phoenix, courtesy of Phil Ambler - to whom I will be forever grateful.

A Last Word, or So

To all the friends that have come, gone, stayed awhile, and hung around for two years. Thank you - you've changed my life, and for once - I'm struck dumb.

I do hope you'll come back and play in my darkened hallways; the doors will always be open to you. Pull up a velvet cushion, take a sip of wine, tea or whatever you need and tell me your story, even if it is filled with silence - I will still hear your words.


  • Absolutely*Kate
  • Shaun Adams
  • Chris Allinotte
  • Phil Ambler
  • Hilary Ashton
  • asuqi
  • Stu Ayris
  • David Barber
  • P Blacksaw
  • Rebecca Bohn
  • Col Bury
  • Steven Chapman
  • Lily Childs
  • Erin Cole
  • Colleen
  • Steve Cormier
  • Anthony Cowin
  • Sandra Davies
  • William Davoll
  • Craig Douglas
  • Jenny Dreadful
  • Elspeth
  • Matt Farr
  • Aidan Fritz
  • Ellie Garratt
  • Reginald Golding
  • Grogan
  • Sue Harding
  • Herbedaceous
  • Matt Hilton
  • SJI Holliday
  • Jack Holt
  • Helen Howell
  • Lee Hughes
  • AJ Humpage
  • Susan May James
  • Joleen
  • Kallandra
  • Kim (scratchypen)
  • Andie King
  • Pixie J. King
  • kittylefish
  • Reba Kovar
  • laplace
  • Laura
  • Veronica Marie Lewis-Shaw
  • Lissa101
  • Jodi MacArthur
  • MRMacrum
  • Henrietta Maddox
  • mimimanderly
  • Melenka
  • Marietta Miles
  • Marc Mimouni
  • Nick Mott
  • Sandie Owen
  • Bill Owens
  • Paul (Crimson Archer)
  • Phantasmagoric
  • Nina Powers
  • Ragemore
  • Ravenways
  • Sean Patrick Reardon
  • St Force (Jack)
  • Nick Roberts
  • Darren Sant
  • Rosalind Smith-Nazilli
  • Ronnie Soak
  • Michael Solender
  • Sulci Collective
  • Liam Sweeny
  • Alfred M Taitague Jr
  • Amber Taitague ( Muckie Duckie)
  • Nathaniel Tower
  • ttofee
  • Cindy Vaskova
  • Charlie Wade
  • Carol Wills
  • Dion Winton-Polak
  • Antonia Woodville
  • John Xero
  • Zaiure
  • Angel Zapata

Don't stop telling tales...


  1. Sniff ... congratulations to Rebecca, Aidan and asuqithe winners - how the hell you chose from so many I do not know - thank you and not goodbye but see you soon, at Phil's ...

  2. Well done Rebecca, Aidan and Asuqi and everyone else who has joined in with this weekly challenge.

    Huge thanks to Lily for doing this week in, week out. On top of your own writing, editing TKnC and being a mum and wife it's a tall order that you've carried out excellently. I, for one, have enjoyed this challenge from day one (although I've missed a few recently) and have so many 100 word vignettes that are crying out to expanded and one day will be.

    Thanks, Lily. xx

    (See you at Phil's!!)

  3. Congratulations to the winners. Lily, thank you for all the fun and creativity we shared here at The Prediction. It was the warmth and positive criticism from you and the fellow writers that always drew me back here. I’ve read so many great tales here that have inspired my own writing and outlook on storytelling.

    Thanks for all your support. Thank you for giving us a space to unleash the monsters.

    I hope you find the success your beautifully ethereal words deserve.

    All the best of luck and thank you for darkness.

    Tony xxx

  4. You did our great writing community proud, Lil. Hold your head up high, fine lady. Just sorry that my visits were only fleeting (you know why). Good on Phil for taking over the mantle.


  5. Congratulations Rebecca, Aidan and asuqi!

    Kicking myself hard that I missed entering this last one.

    Lily - that list up there isn't just people that have submitted drabbles - they are all lives that you've touched and enriched with your open and welcome space here in the "Prediction." A flood of excellent work is coming as many of these little seeds take root and become full fledged, glorious nightmares. And it's down to you, for giving us all a space for our voice.

    Looking forward to visiting with you here still, and crossing tales with you from time to time at Phil's.

    Take a bow, Lily - you've earned it.

  6. I can only agree with all the comments already posted and say a personal thank you for putting up with me.

    Merry meet, merry part, merry meet again.

  7. Chris, I could kick you for not entering one last time over here!

    Thank you, Lily. I started sniffling when I read the title of this post, and now I'm all silly with nostalgia. That list of names did me completely in. Do share a glass of wine with me, should I ever make it across that dark ocean. Don't worry. I can handle an oakish chardonnay (though, heathen that I am, I typically drink zinfandels).

    Congrats to Aidan and asuqi -- sharing top three with you is astounding.

    And congratulations to everyone who has ever participated in the Prediction. You made something wonderful, and that is what it's all about.

  8. congratulations to the winners, worthy as always, outstanding writing from them and everyone.
    The Prediction Challenge has helped me hone the horror writing, inspired to do better each week to stay on the level of those outstanding people who have been contributing so much, pretty much all of you!
    And Lily, thanks for having me. It's been fun. Looking forward to seeing you and everyone else at Phil's place until he kicks us all out for being unruly gory writers...

  9. First - congratulations to the winners! Such joy to take a peek in your imagination.

    Second...A farewell...I had a warm welcome on my first entry and now I meet a warm goodbye. My name being in that list among all the brilliant, amazing, absolutely amazing writers is a great honor. I just wish I had spent more time in the "Prediction".

    Thank you, Lily for creating this fun game and letting us children of the letters play in it without any restrictions!

    Although right now I may sniff with nostalgia, letting sad emotions take me over, my experience here will be remembered and well cherished.

    Raising a glass filled with crimson wine, I do cheers with all you wonderfull people.

    Best of luck Lily and hope to cross literary roads with you again.

    (See you at Phil's guys...where the party continues)



  10. Congratulations, Becky, Aidan, Asuqi, what a well-deserved honour, winning the final prediction at the Feardom. =)

    And thank you, Lily. Thank you so much.

    I've met so many awesome writers here (yourself included) who have become a part of my regular reading.

    Ha! Would you believe I find myself lost for words? So, Thank you. (did I say that?) And you can bet I'll be staying in touch. =)


  11. Congratulations to Rebecca, Aidan and Asuqi... wonderful tales, all!

    I seem to be at a loss for words... a rare occasion indeed, for this girl.

    Lily, you have been my 'refuge' at times... a place where I could put to words all those vertiginous thoughts that haunted many a restless and sleepless night, when sometimes the past would get a little too close.

    You have inspired and motivated me to spread my wings and venture out of my comfort zone. You have supported and encouraged me beyond measure... and I am honored and humbled to know you as both friend and mentor.

    The Feardom has been a safe harbor for me to test myself in a genre I'd not written a single word of before I met you here last year. You've also introduced me to a community of extremely talented and supportive writers... I am indebted to you for that. I hope to see you along with them over at our new 'haunts'.

    I have to stop now... I can't seem to make out the letters on the keys...

    I raise my glass to you, Lily... a rich, full-bodied merlot, deep red in color... a toast to you...

    Much success, peace and good health to you, Lily.

  12. The generous welcome afforded all and any who ventured here will stand as testament to you, Lily.

    I thankyou for welcoming me into the fold, even though my stories were often less dark than others!

    I wish you well for the future and all it holds, and every success with your writing!

  13. Thank-you Lily for this refuge on the web where writers played. That is an awesome list of names. I'll ditto the sentiments above, you've touched us all.

    Congratulations to Rebecca & Asuqi on your horror-filled entries. And congratulations to all of us who've penned 100-word horror. I would have never thought I'd have as much fun as I have playing within this genre and with these words. You all here have helped me grow and I appreciate that.

  14. A well deserved win, a teary goodbye, another huge thanks and a deep heavy sigh.
    See you all soon x

  15. Lily, thank you so much for your support, not just here but on Thrillers Killers n Chillers too. A selfless individual, you have touched the lives of so many and spurred people to let their words flow into existence on your pages here and beyond.

    I raise a glass to salute you for your time hosting The Prediction and wait with anticipation to see the creations to come from your fertile imagination!

    Phil x

  16. Oh, Lily, hugs and kisses and thank you so much! (the creaking is debatable. I think it creaks sometimes, when it´s very cold, but maybe that´s just the whole nature creaking from the coldness? =))

    And to all my fellow predictioneers, sharing this journey with you has been very rewarding and so much fun! I´m proud to be one of you =)

    Becky and Aidan, I´m honoured and touched that I got to share the final one with you two =) kramkramkram!!!

  17. Thanks for your encouragement, Lily!


  18. congrats to the winners, Thanks for all your help and encouragement Lily, thanks to you I've gone from saying I was going to do something to finally gettting some submissions out there. it's been a blast


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