Tuesday, 3 April 2012

DREAMS OF DUALITY - new horror anthology

This week sees the launch of DREAMS OF DUALITY, "Spine tingling tales of dark fiction concerning the other self, the splintered consciousness, and strange paradoxical realms".

My ghostly tale Wraiths and Stays (which also appears in Cabaret of Dread) sits alongside works by some great horror and dark fiction writers including Rebecca L. Brown, Richard Godwin, Dorothy Davies, Erin Cole, Marissa Farrar, Joe Jablonski, Gregory Miller and Brian K. Ladd.

The paperback is edited by Mark Anthony Crittenden and published by Red Skies Press, who also published Their Dark Masters: Tales of Extreme Vampire Horror which features two of my stories, The Infanta Triptych and Walls of Flesh.

You can buy Dreams of Duality from Amazon.com; it will be coming to Amazon.co.uk soon.


  1. Congratulations - you're going from strength to strength these days!

  2. I am very pleased to be in that anthology, one of my longer nastier stories, as it happens! Hoping for Good Things with the sales of Dreams of Duality


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