Thursday, 22 September 2011

Prediction Winner

Great to have been a bit more involved, not that time has been particularly kind -just more lenient perhaps. There are some truly heart-rending entries this week - I've even woken up at night with one or two still stirring in my head.

I shall cease blathering and do a quick summary instead (because I actually managed to comment already - hurrah!) So...

  • Michael, Morning Tea - a poisonous tale of murder as 'she' slurps herself to death.
  • My Amour Nocturnale speaks of dangerous love, but the visitor had been warned.
  • Zaiure, everyone welcomes the final gifts of Death's Mistress as she flails in whipping ecstacy.
  • Patsy, Ransomed paints a haunting picture of senility; occasional but inevitable.
  • Aidan, throwing up a fountain of questions Night Ghūl demands the impossible choice. Too late, Maggie.
  • Veronica, love conquers all - except a husband on the wrong side of a zombie conversion in Once Bitten.
  • Antonia, a revenant with revenge on his mind that no priest could heal, such is his Mission.
  • John's Billy makes the mistake of sipping from Alice's bottle (don't we all) and is instantly Hounded by bad dog Chester.
  • Phil turns our lives upside down with the most real of horror in Loss, and a guilt of which you could never be free.
  • Chris offers up a lush marital (maybe) dispute as the pair prepare to dance to their own deadly tune, in Shirts, Skins and Violins.
  • Ravenways declares the mystery of loup garou, with an August Moon death - one too many in This Is War.
  • AJ sees the world through the glazed eyes of tragic streetlife, true streetlife - in the tragic Just Another Echo.

Emotion has won my heart over the last seven days. I suspect you won't be surprised to hear that my winner this week is Phil Ambler with the terrifying Loss. Phil - the odd thing is I really did dream something similar, but the night before - not after you submitted this piece. Love our babies - always and forever.
'Congratulations' doesn't seem like the right word, but being able to reach into our souls like that with simple words is a true talent.

Equally disturbing is runner-up AJ Humpage's Just Another Echo; such dancing descriptions for this horrid reality. Well done for such wonderful penning and also for reminding us all.

I must make my escape - slip beneath the quilt and hope against hope that I don't travel the astral plane again this night, for I am so, so tired. I'll return with the dawn and a new challenge. Good night, dear friends.
Lily Childs is a writer of horror, esoteric, mystery and chilling fiction.

If you see her dancing outside in a thunder storm - don't try to bring her in. She's safe.