Thursday, 28 July 2011

Prediction Winner

The results are in - and I shall hand straight over to Chris...

OK Lily, here we go. Do I need to say I've now got a huge appreciation for your task each week?

Excellent entries all this week, and an excellent breadth of tone and genre.
  • AJ Humpage's Hackett earns his name as he plays and flays in the name of art and Silence
  • Aidan shares an existential, futuristic Apocalypse on a nanoscopic scale
  • Antonia's MC gets biblical, then goes medieval on her captive in An Eye for an Eye
  • William shows us a true dark Cul de Sac of life, in a harrowing, affecting tale of neglect
  • Lily speaks from the broken heart of talent and artistry destroyed by illness in We Don't Accept Fan Fiction, and then gives a wicked second turn with the ghosts of Watching Out, Looking In
  • Rosie makes her Prediction debut with a tale of a twisted life in its final moments with Feathers
  • Kim gives us a horrifying end to a wasted life, witnessed only by the shady Dark John, in On the Cheap
  • My own entry gave a peak at an abusive relationship with a potentially pyrotechnic redemption in Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting
  • MuckieDuckie Captures the spirit of sibling adventure in an untitled piece. Mom must be a writer at heart - she can't leave a good story hanging
  • Phil displays a grotesque massacre of an entire village in the name of Honor, truly displaying the dark side of what is so often romanticized
  • Veronica delivers terror on an all too human scale, and a Monster in the back seat as well.
Alright. This was a very, very tough decision. I don't know how Lily does this every week!

First Place goes to MuckieDuckie - I was completely charmed by this depiction of the family dynamic, and the power of make-believe. The tone and voice of the children was spot-on.

Runner up is Kim - your gritty portrayal of a life used up and discarded by the most unsympathetic of companions was chilling.

Whew! Thanks again Lily for the chance to judge these amazing stories. Everyone's take was so different, and well done. (Kind of looking forward to being a simple contributor again tomorrow!)

All the best.

Thanks again Lily!


Congrats MuckieDuckie, and well Kim! Great judging from Chris too - thank you.

New challenge on its way tomorrow...
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