Thursday, 7 July 2011

Prediction Winner

The cat's come over to help me judge tonight. Her name's Lily too and she's getting on a bit; keeps forgetting who she is. That's what I'm scared of - somehow I think it's inevitable.

Summary time - a quickie.

  • Michael: No Abdication. Empirical turmoil with monarchic spite.
  • Me: An Eye for an Eye. A queenly exchange of eyeballs.
  • Sue: One For The Road. Perfect spies and conspiracy theories for the almighty Strachan.
  • AJ: Blood in the Water. Imperial Rome arrives with bloody Caesar's dictatorship.
  • Nina: What Were YOU Thinking. An optical illusion disguised in doctor's clothing.
  • William: #1 Where's the Fox PT2. Sellings and Tench get a lot more to go on, via Huxley.
    #2 The Real Guy Fawkes. Final moments of madness through torture.
  • Phil: Revolution? Hunters become the hunted and revolution turns the world upside down.
  • Chris: U.D.D.D. Flashing memories haunt the alleged traitor as he breathes his last breath - and swings.
  • Paul: #1 The Museum of Treason. All-seeing statues paralysed in innocent poses.
    #2 Untitled. Grandma Graves is a wily manipulator; the 'eyes' have it.
  • John: CyberOptical Illusion. Live visual attacks create distorted conceptions.
  • Aidan: The Shaking of the Ossuary. Bones and flesh intermingle in this battle to save Circe, and lives.
  • Asuqi: Perfect Shot. A golden-haired model twists to make the photographer sit up and take notice.

Straight to the point. My winner this week is Michael Solender with the powerful and disturbing No Abdication. Frightening, familiar and memorable. Congratulations Michael.

Two runners-up - Aidan Fritz' mad The Shaking of the Ossuary. Bizarre and wonderful. And Chris Allinotte's U.D.D.D. - a terrifying finality. Well done both.

I'd also like to make special mention of newcomer Paul/Crimson Archer's entries. Very promising - do stay with us Paul.

Am I really going to get to bed before midnight on a Thursday for once? Let's see... Back tomorrow, with Guest Judge-time news.
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