Thursday, 26 May 2011

Prediction Winner

So here we are. A year down the line, and what an astonishing cauldron of fiction and poetry has brewed, bubbled and boiled over at The Feardom during that time.

Thank you each and every one. You are an extraordinarily talented bunch of writers. I hope the weekly Friday Prediction has provoked you, poked you, challenged and inspired you.

I'm heading to the summaries for last week's LFP now...

  • Susan's Attention Seeker gets an unexpected come-uppance. She should have thought about her behaviour before whinging one time too many.
  • AJ's Confluence sets horror to music as her well-named murderer Hackett slices and chops his victim in time for dinner, but what's being dished up?
  • Phil's intrepid Diedrick fights to survive a morbid game in The Maze, to the delectation of a death-hungry crowd.
  • Rebecca's widow wallows in memories as her husband breathes his last alcoholic breath - and she breathes a sigh of relief in Drink, Darling.
  • Chris throws us to the beasts with a gladiatorial epic in under 100 words. We're grinding sand in our teeth and are ready for the battle - Against the Odds.
  • Antonia throws open the question -  when justice is not done, should we take it into our own hands? The executioner answers for us, with their own taste of killing.
  • Aidan's Bermuda Salvage is haunted by mer-creatures; their prey - the divers and swimmers seeking history and treasure. Swift is their death, and the myth lives on. 
  • Kim's sadistic sheriff gets his thrills from long, drawn-out torture in Taxing. Dark John's bones will be picked white in no time.
  • My Dirty Poppies shows that drugs don't care if you're rich or you're poor. An addict is an addict, but if you live in a palace someone else is probably buying the junk for you.

My winner this week is AJ Humpage's operatic Confluence. This tale roils in cinematic beauty with a feeling that reminds me of Kubrick and Scorsese. This is a film I want to see again and again. Congrats Ally - you knocked my socks off.

The runner-up badge goes to Phil Ambler's wicked, wicked game The Maze. May I never be a contender. Well done Phil, and everyone else too for your amazing pieces.

Right then! You have two weeks off, but as I mentioned before - I ain't goin' nowhere so you may well hear from me during that time. Whatever happens, I'll be back on 10th June for a new Friday Prediction. Bye for now...

Lily Childs is a writer of horror, esoteric, mystery and chilling fiction.

If you see her dancing outside in a thunder storm - don't try to bring her in. She's safe.