Thursday, 19 May 2011

Prediction Winner

I'll be quick. Life is quick. So much is expected of us. But I exist in slooooooowwwwww moooootioooooonnnn. Seriously, sorry I haven't been around this week but I'm here now and the challenge is mine. I shall be swift though - watch me.

  • Asuqi - didn't we have a fab Tweet, thee and me, at the old Eurovision cobblers? Your Lady Moldova bowled us over and I'm so glad to read that she has a unique and independent lifestyle of her own.
    The gorgeousness of Everything is Illuminated had me doubled over. Such sparkling laughter; such tragic love. I hope they find happiness and revelation.
  • Ah, Steven. Lovely death and dolls. We're all porcelain in the end - some of us in the tiniest of black dresses. I have several ready. China Doll.
  • David, you have challenged me with The Touch. Now I look into my crystal ball and what do I see... No. I am stuck. My eyes are full with tears at this beautiful tragedy. Tell us who the ghost is - please?
  • Antonia, I am so sorry to hear about the whiplash - healing vibes going out to you. Shrivelled balls are outrageously enticing. You've made your Night Walker a rare beauty, and I love her.
  • Aidan, I quickly reread Casualties when I reached the end. Lovingly enticing us with eyes like blue vodka, wtf happened then? Has the chaplain bitten Richards? Ho bloody ho, fantastic.
  • Ooh, ooh Phil. What have you started with Famous? This is like a CSI intro and I want to know what that bitch has done. (Freakin' toweresque size-zeroer weirdoes).
  • Susan, what a downright dirty and dangerous Daisy Doll you've created here. That curate's a big bad place to be.
  • John, Little Madam is a wicked little baggage. To turn the story around so that she is shaming 'him' is ingenious and terribly worrying.
  • AJ - your evil husband parading in the guise of a good man throws up a disturbing scenario in Lesion. That she has been fooled by him upsets me even more. So clever.
  • Chris, is Afternoons With Edgar an admission? I'm a huge fan of Degas. I love how your 'weird' boy(?) loves to spend time in galleries, climaxing in Degas. All very familiar. Weird? Nah. Lovely writing.
  • ttofee's title is brilliant. The Dog's Bollocks may have been used before but it's a part of our vocabulary. And what a virulent work of art your character has created. How vindicated is she? Totally.
  • My excerpt from a letter about the unsolved disappearance of a young Victorian woman 'changed' by her experience in meeting evidence of the ancient Gods has prompted a brand new Magenta Shaman tale. Squeeeee.
  • William, glad you've not been whipped away this week. The Winter of Eternity perfectly describes the slackern - her features failing, jowls slipping and flapping as she moves. Only a boy can replace that beauty...
And so, in this penultimate shower of talent before I take my leave of you for a couple of weeks (to ingest, produce, write and publish) I am struggling to choose a winning entry. I take that hard and intrepid step...

Gentlemen, please do not take umbrage but this week's trophy-takers speak of wrinkled plums. My winner is Antonia's sophisticated Night Walker, an atmospheric feel to this nasty noirette. Congratulations Antonia.

Runner-up is ttofee with her horrificly pleasing bollock plaits in The Dog's Bollocks. Well done toffs.

So many were next up, it only fair to leave it there. I'll be back, Blogger-permitting in the morrow with the last Prediction Challenge until 10th June. Sleep well.


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