Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Interviews and Kindle News

This week I read another great interview with the wonderful Jodi MacArthur over at Spinetingler Magazine where we're both nominated for the best short story on the web award. But that's by the by - Predictioneer and Wicked Woman's Booty author Jodi gives her best - as always - in the magazine's Conversations with the Bookless series. Go see...

Another great read is with Lori Titus, an amazing psychological horror writer who is also editor for Wicked Nights Publishing and runs her own radio show. Author of the novella Lazarus and anthology Green Water Lullaby (I've got it - it's extraordinary), she was interviewed by the hospitable Richard Godwin in his Chin Wag at the Slaughterhouse. The probe provides a great insight into what inspires Lori's beautiful and edgy prose. While you're at it, check out Richard's website and consider buying his novel Apostle Rising - it's my bedtime read at the moment - and I'm freaked. Can't pick it up - and then can't put it down.

Lastly, my own news is that I hope to have a short 7k word book coming out on Kindle at the beginning of May. It's been ready for a while but I finished the cover this evening. The original artwork is by esoteric artist Laurence Ranger and sits on my wall. He's approved my graphic manipulations and I'll display the cover here as soon as the Single book is out.

Related to this is my interview coming up over at lovely fellow horror writer Erin Cole's dark and wondrous place on 1st May - Beltane to my pagan friends. I'll be revealing what the Kindle premier will be and Erin will also be publishing an unpublished story of mine, Wraiths and Stays. Can't wait. Thank you Erin!

Oh, and girlfriends? I bought shoes. Black things with leather roses. Thought you'd like to know.
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