Thursday, 31 March 2011

Prediction Winner

A short and sweet announcement this week, which is hardly fitting for the stunning entries - and for that I apologise. But I've already explained myself so won't blather on about life's inconveniences; I'll just get on with it.

Honestly, what a shower of fairy-tale delight - ripped apart and studded with sharp and sparkling pins. Poor Cinders didn't stand a chance. I'm so glad.

My winner from last week's Prediction is Jenny Dreadful with Slim(e) wa(i)ste. This got right under my skin with its flashlight descriptions and deviant poses. Congratulations Jenny.

Runners-up are Aidan Fritz with The Time Traveler's Hawker - because I just love this whole bizarre (bazaar) concept of the mother equally spoiling and neglecting her child, and also because I want to see the movie. Also Pixie J. King with Glass Slipper because I had wondered what had happened to her dark world of fairy and here it is - slap, bang in front of us, damned well-written - and Theo is taking prisoners. Well done Aidan, well done Pixie.

Sleep or wake well everyone. A new Prediction challenge tomorrow.
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