Thursday, 10 March 2011

Prediction Winner

It's sublime time. And this week I've got to pick a winner who'll judge the Prediction challenge next week! How hard is that? I'll tell you, it's... hard.

I'm going to run through and summarise, trying not to gush at the loveliness bound within The Feardom:

  • Ellie's victim comes with a sting in his tail, biting back at the courageous Tamara in Party of Souls.
  • Rebecca's Bears in Summer roar through the mists of moonshine-come-good in this nostalgia trip. Whilst Cake slithers around our hungry mouths, moist and inticing us to eat.
  • Asuqi gave another double delight, firstly with the wandering sickly sweetness of A Secret; and in complete contrast the snake man dangles his mistresses in the bizarro world that is Fake.
  • AJ's Carpathia rescues more than just a Titanic victim; the grandaughter sheds a malificent burden in Come the Morning.
  • My triple-generation death party has mothers and daughters clinging on in spiritual decadence, in Gone Girls.
  • Aidan's two shysters are getting screwed when feral revenge blinks its glistening eyes in Party Foul.
  • Mimi's Red Riding Hood of a grandmother sloughs her way through the party crowd in Talkin' About My Regeneration.
  • Melenka's lost elder searches in spectral heat, nearly in vain until the babe cries with her eyes in Losing Her.
  • Antonia's sorrow and loss pleads through Life Party, but comes with a warning.
  • Chris's T'kalli winds her wily way through jungle darkness towards a hidden beast in To Avenge The Prey. With Easy Money his thieves take on more than they can chew when Tyler's Grandma lets rip.
  • David has us fooled when a sneaky peak at a family party turns life on its head, in The Day I Found Out. In Boys Will Be Boys the classroom culprits bitch and compete, rascals in the making.
  • Jenny Dreadful's party doll struts dismissive stuff before discarding her amuse geule; in her second untitled piece Jenny casts tremulous fingers towards loaded friendship.
  • William's ghostly wraith weaves between her offspring, and theirs too. A family bereft in After The Plague

Oh beJesus - what to do? So much talent. (Takes a quick gulp of buttery Chardonnay).

My winner - and judge of next week's Friday Prediction is... Rebecca Bohn with Bears in Summer. It's a Stephen King of a thing, wistful yet tinged with a potential malice. Wonderful writing. Congratulations Rebecca! I shall be in touch ;)

Runners-up this week are newcomer Jenny Dreadful for her first, vampiric entry because I just LOVE that attitude, and William Davoll. After the Plague has stayed with me all evening; desperate and ethereal. Well done both.

Well, I'm exhausted but excitable now. Can't imagine going to bed for a few hours (but I'm all talk).

Catch you in the morrow for another Prediction challenge. Toodleoo.
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