Thursday, 3 March 2011

Prediction Winner

A basketcase of earthy bounty this week, my skin crawled with pleasure at your poetry and fiction you glorious writers, you.

Let's have a lookie-see to sum up:

  • Michael thrust his way in with The Perfect Successor. Satan takes charge, flashing his serpent as he goes.
  • Rebecca's Seed is all wistful, worrying wonder. Children and inheritance of manner and blood.
  • Mimi's sacrificial lamb questions the people and faith as dubious rain begins to fall in Small Consolation.
  • Aidan's playing an explosive game. Who is the winner, in Mr. Miners Lettuce in the Greenhouse with a Squib?
  • The Horned One returns to slake his thirst of Melenka's fecund Pillar of the Community.
  • Antonia's Dangerous Dabbling reveals far more than her character expected.
  • The world has a sparkling parallel? A fantasy from the waste we make, in Asuqi's Magpies Lost.
  • Revenge lies waiting in the arms of the Earth in my Dressing The Well.
  • Ellie's pseudo-Messiah makes her mark whilst rejecting the masses in Second Coming.
  • ravenways delivers finger food to the drooling Loup Garous in Last One Chosen, followed by her untitled poetry that sings of eternal spectral wanderings.
  • Ally's Viet Cong girl submits unwillingly to a cruel platoon; twisted and tragic vengeance in A Songless Bird.
  • Chris's Lawrence is asylum-bound when he meets the nubile Helena in the throbbing Waiting on Onuava.
  • John's Acolyte obeys demands, utters spurious commandments and eats familial flesh.
  • William's character is reeling with grief and regret, honouring the memory of the deceased in Squandered.
  • Kim's Oasis leaves us gasping for resolution as his protagonist awaits the sword.
  • Anthony is battle-weary but goes the final mile to survive in In Dark Trenches.

That this is hard to judge goes without saying, as always. And just to tell you know now - *next week's winner gets to do the judging!!!

The winner this week is Michael Solender with his gorgeously dark The Perfect Successor; one of the best last liners I've read for ages.

I could choose so many runners-up but it's down to two - ravenways Loup Garous on the make in Last One Chosen and Chris Allinotte's Waiting on Onuava. Both dangerous, both a wicked delight. Well done.

Back tomorrow for the next Prediction - and just a little extra pressure*. Bonne nuit.
Lily Childs is a writer of horror, esoteric, mystery and chilling fiction.

If you see her dancing outside in a thunder storm - don't try to bring her in. She's safe.