Thursday, 27 January 2011

Prediction Winner

Some deliriously dark, even humorous entries this week. Isn't it interesting how different people in different countries across the world catch the same mood?

Let's see what the hounds dragged in:
Cretan Bee Pendant
  • Pixie came in first past the post with The Hunger. A sneaky seduction with a reward of blood.
  • Mimi's Circe dragged us under the pulling tide with her heroine's tentacled hair.
  • Aidan's players at Mount Tamalpais set the scene of ancient rites beneath the Druid Oak King.
  • My cavernous tale of plumetting prisoners in Oubliette had some of you believing Beatrice was a spider. Just because I said 'web'? She's as human as they get. :)
  • Rebecca (R.S.) gave Death and Moira back to us for another outing with just seconds to spare in The Horse's Mane. And then her girls made the boys leap over bulls in my favourite place in Ode to a Greek Goddess. See my note against David, below.
  • Chris's Milton and Blackwood raised their naturally suspicious heads again in Silk as we welcomed them back with this bloodbath.
  • Melenka teases and hurts with dancing imagery in her poetic sacrifice Recompense.
  • Kittylefish's Sapphire sparkles with a fairy-tale quality laced with an ethereal edge. 
  • William roared us back and forth through time from what was, to what will be yet remaining in the here and now in Hide and Seek.
  • AJ's Song of Silence raged with tragedy, screaming with no words. Terrifying memories of worthless war.
  • Antonia's true Nightmare spiralled us down, bone by bone. A familiar dream, I'm sure - to so many.
  • David's numbnut thieves chose the wrong shopkeeper, a man whose spiritual magic threw a curse more powerful than a gun in Wrath.
  • Asuqi plunges in with her bald, avenging bride, eating the guests and making a splendid mess in Till Death Us Depart.
  • As an aside, David your piece came after Rebecca's Ode. A spiritual guardian of Knossos and of Crete is the Cretan Bee - see the pendant image (I wear this in silver). The first time I went to Knossos I was stung by a bee on the way there. When there, I wandered into a passageway (which is no longer open to the public). A small swarm of bees was hovering in the centre. One of them flew towards me and hovered in my face, not threatening, just communicating. I did me old shaman thing, and we parted as friends - and have been so ever since.
I have to tell you, this is the hardest week ever. The entries are so diverse in style and subject; you are all too talented for my own good.

This week's winner, because it touches me to the core is Aidan Fritz' play Mount Tamalpais; outstanding and believable mythology. Congratulations Aidan, and my apologies that I am not academic enough to know the terminology to describe theatrical settings.

What am I going to do about runner-up place? The fact is I have four and I genuinely cannot choose between them. As such, and this isn't copping out, I cannot place a runner-up this week. You are all way too good. Please forgive me and shout at me if you will. Melenka and Kittylefish - please don't let my indecision put you off.

I'll be back with another challenge tomorrow. Do treat me gently.

Lily Childs is a writer of horror, esoteric, mystery and chilling fiction.

If you see her dancing outside in a thunder storm - don't try to bring her in. She's safe.