Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Lily Childs on Facebook

As many of you know I am a complete numpty when it comes to Facebook. My well-behaved alter-ego Michele has an FB account she rarely uses but set up a Lily Childs Author Page last year. Could I get my head round it? Could I f*ck.

So finally I have a brand new account, just for little ol' me (or at least, today's persona). I may well have got this wrong - please tell me (you wouldn't believe I work in web design as a day job) but here's the link:

I've invited a whole pile of peeps to be friends but please do seek me out if I've neglected you, or you are new to my strange world. And if you don't mind this inept little fool asking, wish me luck!


  1. I'm rubbish at Facebook too - think I accepted your friend request succesfully though.

  2. Thank you Patsy!

    Lots of lovely friends on there now already. Looking forward to sharing dark fiction, horror and crime news!

  3. I got your friend request too. Good luck with the new page.

  4. About time, woman!! Good to see YOU on there. :-)

  5. Echo, echo what I heard the BARBER man say! And Numpty? You humptied that dumpty right swell . . . all the better, all the better I hear Magenta whispers (loudly).

    ~ Your fan, friend, fellow Czechoslovakian heritage pal, Absolutely*Kate ... through 'social-media' and natch, *majick*!

  6. Thanks Fiona.

    David, you know it makes sense (even if I don't).

    Ms Kate,thank you all the way.


  7. YAY!! Good to see you on Facebook, sweetie! Thank you so much for adding me!

    Guess what? I finished STONES THE CROW! Awesome story! I will get a few words up on Amazon in the next day or two. This is an incredible story... sent chills down my spine... I LOVED it!


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