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Houska Castle - on TV (UK) December 2nd at 11am

Houska Castle (c) 
For readers in the UK that have bought or plan to buy Magenta Shaman Stones The Crow, you may be interested to watch or Sky+ the episode of Ghost Hunters International that features Houska Castle - the setting for Magenta's terrifying journey.

Tthe episode is being repeated at 11am tomorrow, Friday 2nd December on Sky Livingit (channel 122) then again at 12 noon on Sky Livingit+1 (channel 123).

Regardless of what one thinks of these type of programmes (believe me, I'm a cynic) I did find Houska Castle in Blatce near Prague incredibly eerie. I've done a lot of research around it and it has a very strange and disturbing history stretching back to the Bronze Age.

The question is - was the present 13th century Bohemian building constructed to protect the people from the demonic creatures that allegedly dwell beneath its floors, in the legendary bottomless pit known as The Gates of Hell?

For more photos and history of Houska Castle visit the owner's website at Google Chrome will translate from Czech to English. for you.


  1. I've gotta check this out myself Lily. Shared heritage on the haunt an'all that. Perhaps I can find a link to replay the show here in little ol' Derby, Connecticut across our mere pond. My love's an historian -- so ... I shall likewise put him on the case.

    "Prof" just walked in the room with chocolate protein shakes before the gym and I showed him the pic -- He's a world'citizen as well and has been there -- He did not know of the legend you told but asks if that's the same castle where the famed defenestration occurred. (I know he just loves to say the word defenestration again, instead of folks-getting-thrown-out-of-the-windows ... scholars, gotta love 'em) -- thing is though -- when such religious evil masking goodness to hold power happens -- isn't that the ironies of hell in outcome?

    ~ Curiousity of the Kate, absolutely

  2. Well, we Geminis have more than our heritage in common! My old man is also a devout lover of history and believes the defenestration occurred at a civic building (he thinks it was the Chancellory). Not Houska but still a fascinating part of this wonderful place's enigma.

    I really must go to both Prague and Houska some day. I strongly feel I'll meet someone or something there that will make absolute sense of so many feelings/visions I've had forever.

    Have you been - in this lifetime?

  3. My dearest Lily . . . We need no defined defenestration to throw this solution out the window ~ ~ ~


    Then duality of dualities' sensibilities shall speak us further how Quest spurs. My but the in-commons gather sparks o'force! (My journey-of-life partner a Gemini likewise be!) Your hunk of history lover's thoughts are mirroring my man's too.

    So Prague? I think so. But what know ye of Habovka? From whence I came?

    ~ Katrina, absolutemente

  4. A rush and a push - and a thrill! It would be lovely to meet in Prague.

    Two Geminis? Now that is interesting - and rare. You must revolve around each other in a helix - constantly reflecting, absorbing and rebounding. Mine's an Aries - stubborn, gentle, too clever for my own good, a swordsman and an artist of the most exquisite esoteric creatures inside/outside of this little world we occupy.

    Habovka? I know nothing; enlighten me.

  5. Then we shall *manifest* our publishing destinies to make Prague be a real deal, a real thrill.

    You sketch your Aries with such aplomb. Fortunate you both must be to dazzle the other -- though one too clever for your own good? Ain't gonna happen Lily. Challenge be more than morsel for soul-spur.

    The Slovakia edginess of Czechoslovakia, in Habovka was where my hero, my father's father Michael hailed from - heritaging me rebel spirit, as draft dodger of the German army, aided in hiding cross countrysides to a ship to America when he was 18. Three parts of a 3-part gypsy prophecy came instantly then finally true.

    Grandmother Kathryn (Vozenelik) of Czechoslovakia, Austria/Hungary surely gave my Bohemian side and intuitive nature its genesis. The Kozel side of my lovely mother added in the beer that Paul Brazill tells me is of good taste.

    It is rare -- usually two Geminis dance around each other hearing all their own a'chords. In our fortunate finding, the intellect, art, music, and hungers for discovery tapestry us to each other rich threads entertwining the more. There's wonder brewing, and it's mighty fine.

    Have enjoyed this share.


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