Friday, 7 October 2011

COURTING DEMONS - a Collection of Dark Verse

For a while now I've been collating my poetry - the darker pieces - into a collection. Finally, the Kindle book of thirty-two poems is available to download from Amazon. It's called COURTING DEMONS - a Collection of Dark Verse by Lily Childs.

COURTING DEMONS - a Collection of Dark Verse
You may recognise some of the poems from The Feardom, others have won competitions and still others were hiding in notebooks and folders. The book includes my notes on each of the poems.

I have specified a price of $0.99 on but it is showing at $1.54 - still a bargain, I hope you agree!! Download, get a free sample or 'Look Inside' it on here.

The charming creature on the cover is a zinc etching called 'Venus', by Laurence Ranger. She's lovely.


  1. Ooh great news, Lily. I will check it out properly when I get home :D

    If it's anywhere near as good as your stories I'm sure I'll enjoy reading it!

  2. Thank you Steven. I hope you like it too!

  3. Excellent, Lily! This is definitely one I'm getting. Your dark verse is top-notch. Love the cover too.

    Congrats, Cheers, *Clink*

  4. A bargain indeed. I'll be downloading mine today. Congrats!

  5. Erin, Laurita - thank you to two beautiful and talented Femmes Fatales ;) I hope you enjoy the collection. x

  6. Congratulations, Lily! Saude!

    I just downloaded Courting Demons... love the cover, by the way! Looking forward to diving into this... should I wait though, for a 'dark and stormy night", I wonder? :)

  7. Wonderful news, Lily. If you don't mind me saying, your dark verses are my favorite. The ones I've read on your site often stay in my mind for days afterwards. Definitely looking forward to this one!

  8. I "stole" a few minutes tonight to start reading this gem...

    A little excerpt from La Sanguinette -

    "I drink of you one last time.
    Tears spill to wash you clean.
    Your body flails. It spasms, it kicks.
    Spines and spikes pierce your curvature, pricking you dead you dead in sweet sacrifice. My mouth, drips scarlet.
    I lick your life away."

    Wow! That literally took my breath away!

    Lily... this is incredible! I have only read a couple so far... completely mesmerizing... a whole range of emotions going through me... some I would surely blush to say out loud here, in front of this crowd.

    I want to go slow... savor every delicious syllable... like a many course meal... one cannot rush through this...

    I haven't even started a review yet, but this will definitely be 'five-star'.


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