Thursday, 25 August 2011

Up the Downs

Magenta Shaman and latest on Episode 2

Very pleased to find sales of Magenta Shaman have recently increased in the US after a slump. Thank you to those who downloaded Magenta to your Kindle or app, she'll be your friend for a long time.

Some great 5*/4* new reviews too - from Veronica Marie Lewis-Shaw at Goodreads, the very exquisite authors Jodi MacArthur and Chris Allinotte at and Jenny Francis at Much appreciated.

Episode 2 is on a major re-write. I'm halfway through so shouldn't be long now (apologies for the wait but I want it to be right).

I can, however reveal the title "Magenta Shaman Stones the Crow".

Download a free sample of  the first Magenta Shaman or buy the full novella at or (where you can also 'Look inside').

Mr Col Bury of old Manchester City

Fellow Thrillers Killers 'n' Chillers editor Col Bury (Jeez, is he inundated with class crime subs at the moment!) has posted his top 20 Best of Brit blogs list at Ashedit in the perfectly entitled Best of the Blogs by Col Bury—Brit Grit Part 5.

Check it out - if you're not there, find out where you should be.

Watch out too, for Col's upcoming chin wag with exquisitely articulate and poetic hard task-master Richard Godwin in the ultimate black seat at The Slaughterhouse

Erin Cole
Feardom Interviews

I am also pleased to announce a new short series of interviews at The Feardom. My first guest will be inspirational and beguiling wordsmith Erin Cole. Erin will visit The Feardom in the early weeks of September.

Lily Childs - Guest Writer at...

It may be that I have a Guest Write appearance in mid-September at... now that would be telling! The tale will be a little less horror - but no less nasty; details coming soon. 

What's more the story was inspired by a dream, and then after I'd finished writing it - I saw the exact location of the main 'event' on headline news. Did I make it happen? Nothing to do with me, Sarg.


  1. Hey Lil,

    I popped over to say well done on the Magenta success and find you gave me a nice namecheck - cheers me dear. Love the title of Magenta 2.

    Looking forward to your interviews and that guest write sounds intriguingly spooky.


  2. Lily - Thank you so very much for mentioning my review! I can't wait to read 'Magenta Shaman Stones The Crow"! The night light didn't help much last time, so I shall probably have to 'up' the 'sleeping aid'... perhaps two glasses of merlot will sufficiently cast me down deep in slumber's embrace? :)

  3. Hey ya girlie,
    Catching up on blogs from google reader. I'm so pleased Magenta is doing well! I really enjoyed the novella. Am very happy to hear another is on the way! Looking forward to your interview. Lots of love ~ J


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