Thursday, 11 August 2011

Prediction Winner

Hell, that was quick!

No sooner had the Feardom closed its doors on the Prediction Challenge than I was back to announce the winner.

Tsk, it was easy. I simply stopped time.

Here we go, a summary...

  • Asuqi sings with the Voice of Lilith from the depths of nature.
  • Aidan's origami insects scuttle and leave a tragic message in Grandma's Legacy.
  • Antonia's stuffed stag head is desperate to expose the cheat as watches the game in Card Sharp.
  • Phil whips the revellers into a frenzy of frolicking feasting and fuckery atop the Tor in The Devil's Stag.
  • Veronica has no Regret in mounting the pretty boy on Audra's wall.
  • My Dance of the Spiral Girdle sees lovers transcend earth-bound caresses.
  • Chris reveals himself through interpretation and becomes a true verbal Brit in The [strange and] Continuing Adventures of Ink and Blot.
  • Kim's victim deals a dainty dose of death with her foxglove favours at the Summer Ball.
  • AJ's stag sniffs out wrong-doing and takes nature's revenge in Fresh Meat.
  • William's yob raises a faux-rebel yell of excuses and lies in Mob Rule.
  • MuckieDuckie's Datura takes to the hills for a very tasty Picnic in the Park whilst Mother smiles on.
I took an unearthly delight in these entries. I confess I was concerned the combination of words might have been tough, but buy, did you nail it.

My winner this week is the wicked and debauch celebration The Devil's Stag by Phil Ambler. Gorgeously indulgent and wonderfully written, I loved it (perhaps too much.) Congratulations Phil.

A very close runner-up was Aidan Fritz's exquisite Grandma's Legacy; I truly cannot get the images of the blood staining the paper insects out of my head. Beautiful, and well done.

Thank you, all. Sleep well; may your dreams fill you with inspiration.


  1. Congrats to Phil. Your story was awesome. Good job Aidan too.

    Can't wait until the next weeks words are released.

  2. Congrats Phil and Aidan. I will be back later to read everyone's entries. :)

  3. Damn that Phil Ambler, likewise Aidan Fritz! Why are they allowed to submit, nay write such darned good flash fiction!

    Well done both - excellent!

  4. congratulations to Phil and Aidan, such incredible prose!

  5. Phil, a lovely revelry. Congratulations!

  6. Amazed, and delighted, to win; and thanks all for the kind comments. So many other pieces out there that I thought would land top spot. Aidan - great piece with beautiful imagery.


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