Thursday, 14 July 2011

Prediction Winner

I love the diverse use of the words this week. Let's quickly summarise, and see which entry won...

  • Chris throws an ace card at Milton and Blackwood as the crime-beating duo discover another murder(er) in Coming Up Trump
  • Steven's manic pseudo-surgeon gets off on gore in the blood-spattered Rupture.
  • Antonia's narrator has enough of her date, however 'ace' he thinks he is, in Escort Duty.
  • Amber's dancer almost falls victim to the psychological damage of her defiler's Unwanted abuse, but catches herself just in time.
  • AJ exposes the horror of starvation and neglect in a very unbalanced world in Dying Away.
  • Aidan brings The Ossuary back to our plates with invitations by the Bone Mate to sculpt and worship skulls.
  • Kim puts the homeless Out With The Trash to suck on rats until Death whisks the poor man away.
  • Phil delivers a bliss of birth as Rhechévah releases her offspring in Flash.
  • William falls foul of his Toxic Girlfriend 1993 as she tears at his soul in an attempt to bring him down to her desperate level.
  • Paul's old butcher wins the game and sets up the twisted vic for hungry William in his untitled piece.
  • Kallandra freezes our perceptions as the PI grasps the evidence in this untitled thriller.
  • Jack chucks a pie at the slimeballs as The Flaming Ace's waitress knocks her abusers dead. (Good riddance).
  • My tale shows we shouldn't mock the tarot - or, at least we shouldn't try to hide the message. Love, Ill-Dignified

With a brilliant title and a fantastically crafted, caustic poem - the winner this week is William Davoll with Toxic Girlfriend 1993. Congratulations William!

My runner-up is Phil Ambler with his beautiful 'portal to the imagination' Flash. Very well done Phil.

Loved them all; everyone should be very proud.

Advance notice: the winner of the next challenge will get to judge the following Prediction. Ooh!


  1. Congrats William and Phil - great writes!

  2. Firstly Congratulations Phil, I really enjoyed your piece.

    As for me I'm Gobsmacked I can't believe it, everyone's writing was absolutely brilliant again this week, well done everyone, and thank you lily.

  3. congratulations to you both! Worthy winners! and yes, every entry was so good, a wonderful read all week.

  4. Well done William; very worthy winner!!!

    Think this was a great piece and resonated with so many people. The style was perfect for this angsty/bitter look back at a relationship.

    Chuffed with runner-up as there were, as always, loads of amazing entries. Will see what my Rhechévah can conjure this week ;-)

  5. Well done both! Great choice Lily!


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