Tuesday, 12 July 2011

How does a bit of Thrillers Killers 'n' Chillers grab you?

It's my pleasure to announce that I have been approached by the Editors of the wonderful Thrillers Killers 'n' Chillers to give them a helping hand. After a long and painful deliberation (5 seconds and a few chocolate hobnobs) I accepted!

If you want to know more about my role as Guest Editor - or in the highly unlikely event that you're not familiar with TKnC - hop on over to take a look at what's already on offer as well as what's coming up.

I'll be adding a bio to Ye Olde Editors page on TKnC as soon as I can remember anything interesting about myself. Most importantly, I'll be dredging through any stories still lingering in the basement to see if I can help bring everything up to date.

So to my good friends and inspirational TKnC editors and authors Thriller Dude Matt Hilton, Crime Dude Col Bury and Horror Dude Lee Hughes - thank you so much for inviting me in. It's going to be a pleasure.



Thrillers Killers 'n' Chillers is currently open to submissions (until 15th July). Check out the Guidelines here.


  1. Welcome aboard. We'll have to come up with a nice title for you (we've stolen Thriller, Horror, and Crime Dude so any ideas?) Maybe we should ask the readers to come up with something applicable?

  2. Just posted on TKnC - suffice to say well done!

    How about the Gore Queen ...?

  3. Welcome, Lil! So pleased you accepted.
    Should be fun.

    DARK DUDETTE any good to you? :-)



    or LADY DARK.

    Congrats, Lily! You will raise the notch at TKnC.

  5. Thanks so much everyone.

    You can call me what you like! No, hang on - I might regret that.

    Dark Dudess is fun and in-keeping with the dudes. Shall we see what people come up with by morning?


  6. Yeah, let's sleep on it. I always do, even though it can be painful. Okay, I'm offski (soz, Lil - day off, so ont ale!).

  7. Congratulations Lily!

    They couldn't have picked a better writer for the job. You more than proved your chops in February past, and your command of style should be a powerful aid to you as TKn'C's newest Dahowranedonsta*. ;P

    DArk HOrror WRiter ANd EDitor ON STAff... rolls off the tongue, no?

  8. And who better! Well done ol' gal bravo..

  9. great news! Couldn't have invited a better person on board, Col!

  10. Cheers Chris, Michael and Antonia.

    The "ol' gal" is really looking forward to it.

    Yours, oh so faithfully

  11. Woot, Lily!

    Congrats, you´ll rock!

    Hm, Dubious Dude? Or simply No Dude ;)

  12. Thanks asuqi.

    Posted my bio up on TKnC's Ye Olde Editors page (they might make me take it down again). http://thrillskillsnchills.blogspot.com/p/ye-olde-editors.html

    Good night everyone.

  13. Hey Sweetie!
    I'm late to catching up on blog posts, but wow! As soon as I read this I couldn't help but smile, your unique approach and energy will be a magical ingredient for TKnC. Looking forward to it-- Congrats!


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