Sunday, 17 July 2011

Erin Cole asks a probing question about demons and muses

Erin Cole
Many writers feel they can't write without their muse. Others use their craft as a means to vanquish their psychological demons.

In Erin Cole's thought-provoking article Demon or Muse, she asks if the relationship between the two is not deeper than we might imagine.

Please do take a visit to read Demon or Muse, and comment if you will. It's a fascinating discussion - I haven't been able to stop thinking about it.


  1. Much agreed. It's excellent article and fascinating discussion. Now I have to go find your 'Interlude'.

  2. I'm mixed about this one. I believe some writers come from very good backgrounds, have no mental illness and are capable of writing the darkest comedy or most horrific scenes ever typed. However, I also believe there are those writers who do suffer from mental illness, and their stories are often dark as a result of how they view life. Usually, by the end, it becomes clear there is no hope for the protagonist and he or she fails. So, I think this one's a mixed bag.


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