Sunday, 1 May 2011

Magenta Shaman - Now on Kindle

I've been hinting about her for a couple of years now. The wily, travelling spirit of Brighton-born Magenta Sweeney; natural shaman, fighter and defender of souls. Yet she's not without her own dark side.

I finally took the decision that this series of short, urban-fantasy stories would genuinely be suitable as individual e-books on Kindle. It's been a learning process but now - the very first Magenta Shaman episode in the series is available to download from and

Please enjoy it, review it and let me know how you feel about both Magenta herself, and this first story. There are many more.

The original cover artwork is by my husband Laurence Ranger, and has been adapted by me. We both hope you like it.

I must give my thanks to various members of the UK's Writers' News and Writing Magazine's online forum Talkback for voicing their experience in publishing to Kindle, as well as to Tony Cowin and Lee Hughes for such valuable and honest critiques, even though this is an urban fantasy - outside of each of our horror genres. 

My special thanks go to my husband Laurence for believing in Magenta and offering his own extensive esoteric knowledge and sublime artwork - Magenta is a part of both of us.

Magenta Shaman - Amazon Product Description:

A natural shaman by birth, Magenta Sweeney travels through trance-induced realms to deliver souls from demonic threat.

But Magenta also has an earthly life in modern-day Brighton, a strange and cosmopolitan city caught between the rolling hills of England and the Sussex coast where she lives with husband Tom.

Every journey Magenta takes is unique. Her intricate knowledge of herbs and poisons guides her when to heal - and when to kill. Yet before she faces each challenge she must meet with ancient and terrifying entities that will unlock her passage into other dimensions, but not without question - or sacrifice.

This first episode in the Magenta Shaman short story series finds Magenta’s relationship with Tom at breaking point as she takes greater risks to help those waiting for her. Under pressure from The Protegians, a mysterious group of earth-bound guardians, the shaman is sent on increasingly dangerous missions by their intermediary - a suave, arrogant man known only as The Judge.

Will Magenta survive the fight to expel a deadly demon from a foetid, volcanic pit? And will Tom stand idly by when he finds his wife's body, broken and lifeless on their bed?


Download Magenta Shaman on Kindle from or

If you don't have a Kindle you can download Kindle for PC, iPhone, iPad and Android for free from Amazon.


  1. Congrats lily on a brilliant first episode. I've read it twice now and loved it. Congrats to Laurence on the fantastic art work too.

    For any Linux folk out there without a kindle you can run Kindle for Windows on Linux, or Magenta is yet another good reason to buy a kindle.

  2. Thanks hon, from us both. Name your favourite birro (a challenge in itself, I know) and we'll meet up to buy you one. Tony Cowin already has something on ice.

    Really useful re: Linux too. Thanks for that.


  3. Kudos to Laurence on that gorgeous cover and congrats to you, Lily. I'll be downloading it today.

  4. Thank you Erin! Hope you enjoy it. I'll pass your kind words on to Laurence.

  5. Hey, Lil, this is great news!

    Congrats on sussing it all out. I recall being intrigued by Magenta from our emails a couple of years ago, so I'm pleased you've found an initial stage for her to perform. Personally, I've not entered the Kindle world yet... but this may just be the reason I do. :-)

    Cool cover BTW - hat tip to Laurence.

    Good luck with it & congrats!

  6. Lily, I hope everything you do turns to gold. You're a fantastic writer and I'm sure this will get out there. I growing ever more fonder of the epublishing and I'll certainly be gettin a copy of this. (My missus asked me if I wanted a Kindle for Fathers Day. Damn right I do!)

    Congrats to Laurence (and yourself) on a fine cover too!!

  7. Col, David - thanks mateys. Your support means the world. I hope you enjoy it when you get to read it.

  8. Ooh! Very intriguing! I'll have to get a copy.
    Congrats Lily, I'm sure it'll fly off the virtual shelves!

  9. Looks simply gorgeous! I'll have to give it a read, and congrats too.

  10. I've got my copy sat at home on the computer waiting to be read! Looking forward to it :)

    Best of luck with selling a million copies, Lily!


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