Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Prediction Winner

Volatile and venemous I am seriously wondering if this week's entries haven't been the best entries ever. There is so little between them.. dare I not declare a winner? (Like in the 'old days.) Can't do it - someone has just crept over the line - but I truly am unable to choose a runner-up - you're all too astonishing (and therefore equal) for words.

  • In Michael's Trial and Error a son perfects his culinary craft. 
  • In Mimi's Fly Trap a woman's revenge is painful. Don't go there.
  • Antonia's Amateur Serial Killer hones his skill, getting frustrated with lack of practice. 
  • Sandra has the most bizarre of art installations going on in her Philistine? gallery. 
  • AJ's collector makes a trembling pattern of horror with his victim in Sliver.
  • David creates a completely new non-virtual game in the undertaker-genre, in Role-Play
  • Ragemore evoked the alleged, legendary bloodbath of Elizabeth Bathory in Signs Following
  • My God's Gift was a sordid little number for which I apologise. But Marlon will be back!
  • Aidan brings the heat of Iraq with a war-blasted viewpoint in the cleverly-titled War Spoils
  • Jenny's Mother's little angel hurts and abuses as his mother deliberately ignores the signs. 
  • Chris expands the Homonculus's circle of friends to terrify us with the freak party in Homonculus, ça marche
  • Kim crafts a human lampshade from the tattooed skin of a concentration camp victim in And there was light
  • William brings Kook back in Kooks First, and we meet his terrifying mother. It explains everything. 
  • John creates human cattle in the highly disturbing, and inky Cattle. Next, he tears us forward in time - but how far? Template for Extinction asks just that. 
  • Reba speaks of fallen Angels with a desperate task on their hands in Penance.
  • Pixie chills her readers by writing from the perspective of the wrong-doer in Tender Prey.

Everyone - outstanding writing, really. Congratulations to you all.

My winner though, and developed from last week's runner-up tale is Homonculus, ça marche by Chris Allinotte. This has everything from scary dolls to horrifying intrigue. And a lot of French. Make this major, Chris - 'people' will be waiting for the rest of this terrifying gothic tale. Well done!

And so you have a day's reprieve, thanks to hubby's birthday tomorrow. I shall be back on Friday morning - if a little hungover - with three new words. After this week's stunning prose, I can barely wait.


  1. Woo hoo! Thanks Lily! Of course, the question now is whether to finish the little arc that I've begun here, or leave everyone on meat hooks until L'homonculus reappears in her own short story...

  2. Nice one, Chris. Well deserved!

  3. brilliant, Chris, you are writing some amazing stuff!
    Congrats to everyone, we are all runners up!

  4. Fine choice - hats off Chris! and to all - this week seemed especially gruesome!!

  5. Congrats Chris. I'm all for the short story; although I'm one of those annoying ones who doesn't buy trilogies until they get finished.

    The predictions were absolutely dripping with terror this week. A lot of fun to read.


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