Thursday, 7 April 2011

Prediction Winner

A light week - can't work out whether:

  •  interest is waning
  •  people have a life and have been very busy :)
  •  I let you down last week by not summarising

Probably just pure coincidence!

Anyway, there is still a plethora of dark fictional delights to judge, and I am already hard-pressed to make a final decision...

  • Sandra made every woman tremble with the horror of a Boob Job gone wrong. Don't do it girls; you don't ever know who you can trust.
  • Mimi reveals the dropped stitch that lost the resistance's fight as her character is left to contemplate the revolution in Last In Line.
  • My graveyard tale, She'll be Spinning sees childhood sweethearts daring each other to kiss a skull, all for a wish.
  • Aidan spins us through a Beatles revolution, an ambling journey through beauty and harmony with the dedication, Nothing Is Real.
  • Chris's mechanical creature comes to stuttering, humming life; all stitched up and raring to bite in the vampire/golemic Ma petite homunculus.
  • Antonia's flapping flesh makes our skin crawl as her lucid zombie sits and waits in A&E, in Mistake.
  • Asuqi scares us first with the drama and tantalising words of the desperate and Functional Liar.

    In If I Stand On A Rooftop In Brooklyn And Throw A Coin It´s Bound To Hit A Writer the pretentions of literary world lovey-darlings have them wailing with woe.

  • Melenka/Reba, questions the superstition surrounding the frothy wedding dress in Patterns when surely a solid relationship and friendship should seal the knot?
  • Ally's flipping car provides the backdrop for a terror-flled scenario where a little girl sensibly tries to sew her decapitated mother back together in Mending The Broken.
  • Pixie's fairy realm spirals again in a world where punishment is harsh and prisoners fall by the wayside in Flight of the Arrow.
  • William has Frank carousing around rest homes doling out chemical delights to the supine and sad in Frank's Games. But what happens after the party?

My winner this week is Mimi with her proud tale of hopelessness Last In Line where even courage of conviction counts for nothing. Congratulations Mimi.

Runners-up are Chris Allinotte with the bizarro Ma petite homunculus (best title this year) and Reba with the fabricious (yes, I know I made that up) Patterns. Well done both.

There's too much talent here. I wonder what tomorrow will bring?


  1. Well done Mimi, Chris and Reba. Apologies for not commenting on others this week, and turning up late to the party, but I've been under the weather and a Docs appointment is on the cards, which is a rare an occurance as a solar eclipse. Well done peeps.

  2. Well done Mimi for a brilliant tale and to chris and Reba. worthy winners all.

    Lily they were such brilliant words this week, Personally I had so many ideas that were looking for attention my poor tortured imagination ran away with me so many times. I had to be really strict. Poor Frank lost a whole page and a half. Poor old kook raised his head again. Not to mention my steam punk novel being given a breath of fresh life. So I would put it down to you being a catalyst for creativity, and yes you can have first read when I'm finished I'd value your opinion.

  3. Be well Ally; look after yourself.

    William - it would be my pleasure to have first read. You know where I am.

  4. Congratulations Mimi, Chris, and Reba!

  5. Congrats, all!
    I was unable to comment or even leave a post, as I have been slammed with events in real life. I'd much rather live here with all your words though, as chilling as they are. Apologies, and congratulations again, Mimi, Chris, and Reba!

  6. Congratulations to you all!
    Sorry that I didn´t comment! This has been one of those crazy weeks when unexpected things-to-do suddenly turn up all the time in addition to the things I already had to do -- bleh! And it´s ongoing! So I won´t participate this week, will be reading though, and hope to get back next week =)

    t6he caps were accidental, I was writing a list for my partner, caps are easier to see and highlight when each bit is done but still... deserved, I think!
    Life seems to have got in the way of a lot of things. I have a half written story an editor is waiting on, so why am I busy with other things? Migraines have interfered, one 'type' (they all seem to be different)makes me restless so I am pacing the office, looking at books, listing them on Amazon (two sold immediately!) and things like that, rather than working.
    This week's words are a challenge I am looking forward to!

  8. Oh my god! I won this week! What a pleasant way to start the morning! Thank you so much!


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