Thursday, 31 March 2011

Prediction Winner

A short and sweet announcement this week, which is hardly fitting for the stunning entries - and for that I apologise. But I've already explained myself so won't blather on about life's inconveniences; I'll just get on with it.

Honestly, what a shower of fairy-tale delight - ripped apart and studded with sharp and sparkling pins. Poor Cinders didn't stand a chance. I'm so glad.

My winner from last week's Prediction is Jenny Dreadful with Slim(e) wa(i)ste. This got right under my skin with its flashlight descriptions and deviant poses. Congratulations Jenny.

Runners-up are Aidan Fritz with The Time Traveler's Hawker - because I just love this whole bizarre (bazaar) concept of the mother equally spoiling and neglecting her child, and also because I want to see the movie. Also Pixie J. King with Glass Slipper because I had wondered what had happened to her dark world of fairy and here it is - slap, bang in front of us, damned well-written - and Theo is taking prisoners. Well done Aidan, well done Pixie.

Sleep or wake well everyone. A new Prediction challenge tomorrow.


  1. Awww thanks Lily. I didn't expect that. Congrats to Jenny Dreadful and Aidan! :)

  2. brilliant news, Pixie! Nothing like breaking your writer's block with a stunning piece like that!!
    Jenny Dreadful and Aidan, congratulations, worthy winners.
    Thanks to everyone for a most entertaining week of sharp gory writing.

  3. Thank you, Lily! What an awesome group to post with, you folks certainly make it an interesting and varied challenge.

  4. Congratulations Jenny & Pixie!


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