Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Catching Up

Hello. Long time no ramble on about meself much. So, now February Femmes Fatales has died down for this year (it is SO on for 2012!) I've been trying to get back into a writing schedule.

I've subbed three horror stories, an historical mystical poem and an article this month. From those, so far one story and the article 'How to Write Horror' have been accepted. More news on these later this month.

I have two interviews coming up - very humbled.

I've made a huge decision - novel-wise - to put Dispirited to bed for a while, for a whole load of different reasons. However, I have a much bigger novel idea to focus on. I have the concept, but need to do a fair amount of research. Very excited.

I'm also considering publishing an e-book collection of dark verse, illustrated by Laurence Ranger to sell on Kindle. What do you think...? Would you buy it?

In the meantime, look out for Chris Allinotte's upcoming Madness in March over at The Leaky Pencil - starting on 13th March. Promises to be a "seriously unsettling" week - can't wait.


  1. Good luck, Lily. May everything you touch turn to gold! You're a lovely person, a great host every week on your Prediction and a real "mate".

    Looking forward to Chris's party. I missed out on submitting due to "busy-ness" but I'll be there showing my support.

    Regards to your clan!

    word verification: fackers - posh for "fu**ers" Haha!

  2. Interesting about putting aside a novel. Even before The Terrible Flash Drive Death Incident of 2011, I had already decided to shelve a novel I'd been working on for months. Not that I won't ever return to it -- I'm keeping the door open, but I've decided it's not what I should write, not what I want to write. So, do you think you'll ever return to yours, and is there a short answer as to why you shelved it?

    Sorry to ramble on.

    Also, good luck with all subs, and an e-book, should you decide to do that. I have no e-reader and no plans to buy one (curmudgeon! yes!), but would verily tell others to buy it. :)

    PS Word verification for me: crapi

    Methinks your word verifier has a filthy mind.

  3. Aw thanks David. Much appreciated. Fackers - I LOVE it!!

    Rebecca - Dispirited is still close to my heart but it's too cross-genre (dark mystery/ghost/chick-lit) and probably too localised too. Plus too many sub-plots. But I still love the concept and the protagonist Alex, so yes, I may well revisit - but not for a while. I confess I feel much better for putting it aside - and being honest with myself.

    As for e-readers - I don't have one either but I've downloaded the free Kindle for PC and downloaded several inexpensive e-books plus free classics. Love it! I'll always be a cuddle up with a 'real' book girl (smells, texture, comfort) but there is definitely a big place for e-books.

  4. Well Lily, congrats on everything that seems to be going so swimmingly in your life! A new novel idea - now THAT'S exciting!
    Yes, I would buy your dark verse collection in a heartbeat. Actually, I just ordered a Kindle and IT ARRIVED THIS MORNING!!! I'm SO excited, not that you can tell. Am thinking of doing a collection for e-book myself.
    I didn't get around to reading your entire Femme Fatale collection this year but what I read was amazing and you did such a great job on hosting. Btw, great pic of you!

  5. Oh, I love that picture of you. I would definitely buy a Kindle of your dark verse, and I am hoping you'll post about your, "How To Write Horror," article.

    You are on top of your game! And I'm hoping you're a little bit mad at The Leaky Pencil this month too ; )

  6. Best of luck on the subs Lily, and many thanks for the plug! It's going to be a great set of tales.

    ...and once it all wraps up, I'll be heading for an imposed silence whilst I try desperately to get my book moving again.

  7. Lili- I was able to read a good amount of the Feb stories and they were very impressive. Good luck with all your future plans, especially the new novel idea. I love my nook and it's hard to go back to print now. Will be on the lookout for anything you epublish, for sure.

  8. Lily - you're the third person I've heard recently say they are putting a pending project to one side - just as I go back to one that's been on a back-burner for a while! ;-)

    Well done on your successful submissions - hope the rest pan out well, too!

    (BTW - are those wings really sprouting from your shoulders in that pic? ;-p )

    Also interested to hear about your possible ePublishing - there's been a lot in the media about this (I blogged about it the other day) - could be the way to go! Keep us posted, won't you?

  9. Wow, you've got a whole lot going on. Good luck with the rest of the subs. As for the book of dark verse, I'm a fan of that idea.

  10. You´re busy, busy, busy! Good luck with all your subs! The e-book seems like a good idea, even though I don´t have an e-reader.

    You have a great new project that you´re excited about -- so happy for you =)

  11. Erin - thank you! The pic's from the slimmer days I confess. Yes - the article will be on an e-zine on 26th March. I'll post details at the time. Spending a little mad time at The Leaky Pencil? Hmmnn... might be. You?

    Cheers Chris; I fear an imposed silence myself - except I don't know if I'm capable of keeping my gob shut. Good luck with the book.

    Hey, cheers Sean. Great that you enjoyed FFF and thanks for the thumbs up for e-books.

    Sue, please don't let my decision put you off reviving your masterpiece, which I'm sure it is. :) Yes, I usually keeps the wings under cover but if you look at that spinal strip of pink velvet between my shoulder-blades, they might just pop out! Will indeed keep you informed of e-bookness. Early stages yet. Oh, and thanks!

    Laurita - thank you! Everyone - go checkout Laurita's new-look blog 'Calling Shotgun' at

    Miss Asuqi of the lovely words, merci! (Because I can't remember the Swedish for thank you) Kram.


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