Tuesday, 1 March 2011

28 Days Later...

A big thank you to everyone who took part and so generously contributed their wonderfully dark fiction and poetry to the 2011 February Femmes Fatales showcase. You are extraordinary writers, each and every one.

I've added a permanent FFF page to the blog now, listing and linking all the authors and their entries. I also understand from the grapevine that several writers would like the opportunity to take part in a future FFF showcase, and so I've included details on how to contact me on the page. Yes, there will be a February Femmes Fatales 2012!

And now to catch up with the writing I had put to one side; I have competitions to enter, submissions to make and deadlines to meet. There's a new novel to plan and some other exciting projects I'm keeping to myself for the moment. I can't wait.


  1. Well done, Lily! You've pulled off something special that I've totally enjoyed, although I've been late to the party kn a few occasions!

    Top marks to you, Lily!

  2. It was fantastic! Talk about a lot of work! Have fun catching up!

  3. Awesome job, Lily. Simply awesome.

  4. What an awesome month. And I say that as an avowed February-hater. Thank you, Lily, for the invite. It feels as if I was part of something very special, and I can't express my full appreciation.

    To the other writers: you gorgeous, gorgeous women. It was a pleasure to read your work and have mine alongside yours.

  5. Well done and thank you Lily for spending the huge amount of time and effort into the FFF showcase, and for even considering me to be a part of it.

    While I am behind on a lot of the reading and commenting (Sorry guys, busy at college) the talent here is incredible.

    Congrats all!

  6. They've already said what I was going to say - hope you will take some time out for yourself, Lily - thanks for brightening up February for us!

  7. Just echoing what everyone else has said, but well done Lily and thanks for bringing some amazing stories and authors to our attention!

    You made a miserable month a lot brighter, well brighter shades of blood, flesh and bone at least :P

  8. Heee -- 28 days later indeed...

    Thank you so much, Lily, for all your work, dedication and beautiful kindness! It´s much appreciated and it´s been so much fun!

    Also, thank you everyone who´s contributed with stories and comments -- you´ve brightened my February days and boosted my confidence =) I could say I don´t belong in such an awesome crowd, but I won´t! I´m so pleased I´m included I feel like the cat that got all the cream!

    Stora Kramar to all of you!

  9. Lily, you did an amazing job of putting this all together. What a great month - super tales from some of my favourites, and some awesome new ones to watch for as well.

    Thanks to you and to all the Femmes Fatales for making this such a fun February.


  10. Thank you, Lily. You did an awesome job hosting us all.

  11. A very big thank you for the time and effort you have put in to this showcase - a success for sure, and a thank you to all the writers that contributed and showed off their talent. Roll on FFF 2012!

  12. Well worth the effort, Lily! A 'bloody' great read every morning. As for the contributors - brilliant, all of you.

  13. it was indeed a 'bloody' great read every morning, as Scratchypen says! (love that name!) I found myself rushing to read the latest posting before beginning work, that says a lot, as work is very demanding, especially first thing. If you do it again next year, I will be more than pleased, something to read each day through the dullest month there is. January is bad for me, now 4 anniversaries (deaths), they keep on piling up, but somehow February is worse for gloom and misery. part winter/part spring at times and never quite knowing what to do with itself, it seems.
    And then came FFF to lighten it. Lily, you are a wonder and a gem for thinking of it and working at it and bringing it all together. I still can't quite believe I was part of it, with all that talent on display. Thank you.


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