Thursday, 10 February 2011

Prediction Winner

So glad to see the Femmes Fatales showcase hasn't held anyone back from entering the Prediction challenge. And this week - wow! How is it possible to just keep getting better?

I'm a little behind on time so will jump straight in to summarise - however, I must point out I usually have a glass of wine as I do this - and there is none. What is the world coming to?

  • Ellie paid her first visit to The Prediction with Paper Cuts, a murderous tale of skinning and scribes.
  • Mimi's Jealous Gods fought for supremacy in temples of old.
  • Sue summoned up the undead to present Peter as an eternal treasure in Incanto.
  • AJ's batteground gathered the defeated victims in a Spartan bloodbath to win the Trophy.
  • Chris's colonial adventurers blew their chances by the tomb in You Are So Fired
  • Melenka's Tribute is to a sacrificial virgin, offered to an inhuman beast, and corrupted for life.
  • Aidan's super-antiheroes save the planet from each other in The World In Flames.
  • Antonia's protagonist lives with a despicable Know All who gets what's coming to him.
  • Asuqi's robotic creatures scritch and scratch, and lie down to order in I Can Make Them Come Alive
  • Susan offers herself up to the ancient ones in her own tome ;) Snatch.
  • I think I flipped my lid for five minutes when I wrote Married To The Job, but corsets and flab it was.
  • Scratchypen's Anubis explored the heart of the dark matter in Dead Pretty.
  • Rebecca's disgusting little crossbreed answers back and gives her jip in A Prickly Issue.
  • Pixie's poisoned dart came flying through the air, killing us slowly in If The Crime Fits...
  • William brought mad, bad Alan Kook back to dole out his own warped justice in The Undoing.
  • David's Virus spreads, spiralling us towards its chilling and tragic conclusion.

Is this a record? In number and quality of entries? Certainly feels like it.

My winner is Melenka with Tribute. I loved the surreal and mythical quality to this. I felt as though I was peeking, uninvited - but couldn't tear myself away. Congratulations Melenka.

Because I couldn't choose between them, my two runners-up are R.S. Bohn with A Prickly Issue and Pixie's If The Crime Fits... Well done Rebecca and Pix!

Right. More FFF to prepare and a cannibal feast to finish (on paper) so... back tomorrow with three new words. Bye for now.


  1. You have no wine? My sympathies.

    An excellent week, indeed! Everyone seemed to be having an absolute blast this week. Congrats to all, esp. Melenka!

  2. congratulations to all, Melenka, that entry was outstanding, I have to say!
    Thanks, Lily, for the ongoing challenge, it is well worth it just to read all the exciting entries.

  3. Wow. I am (almost) speechless. Thank you for choosing my piece, and thank you for letting me play in your sandbox.


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