Thursday, 3 February 2011

Prediction Winner

A glorious blend of gore, humour and insanity on many levels this week. Just how I like it. Let's whip, whip, whip through the summary...

  • My alchemist takes things a bit too far with pustulence and liquid mold in my tale, Black Milk.
  • Michael releases the wife of Satan, and all the wrath that comes with her in No Fury.
  • Mimi's Spilled Milk is the beginning of the end with an anger that really does explode.
  • Sue brought Ann Boleyn back to dark and vengeful life in her historic The Price of Treachery
  • Antonia's prisoner could be in jail or gouging the walls of an asylum cell - or both - in Solitary Confinement.
  • Aidan's tiny creatures, seen only through the innocence of a boy's eyes avenge themselves on his kitten in The Flower Eaters.
  • Chris' first untitled piece gave us la creme de la creme of sibling rivalry. He then came back with his perverse take on the classic nursery rhyme with Someone get that cat a violin.
  • AJ's raging tale of bigotism and injustice screams through the trees in A Bad Colour.
  • Scratchypen's evil little smith takes horrible pleasure in his job in the torturous Patience.
  • William's Tendrils slither and slide to embrace their domestic victim until it's time to feed.
  • Susan sneaks in with a frantic journey on what has to be an English train in Early Morning Fray.

These were really juicy!

This week's winner is AJ Humpage with A Bad Colour. The colours in question swirl blood-red to flame-yellow through every shade of burning orange. She has brilliantly described this most horrendous practise with its inevitable end. Wrong, so wrong. But congratulations AJ, a stunning piece of writing.

Well done too, to Scratchypen whose monstrous mad man is still vivid in my mind. Patience is this week's runner-up entry.

A demain...


  1. Huzzah to AJ and Scratchy. Good stories all..

  2. Lily, I'm absolutely gutted!!!!!

    I've never missed a "Prediction" since you started them and I'm pissed to say the least! (Not with alcohol, I may add)

    Well done, AJ & Scratchy.

    I'll just have to get my arse in gear this week and bother you with a mutiple attack!

  3. Busy is as busy does David (I have no idea if that makes sense!) We did, of course, miss you dreadfully but all will be forgiven if you come back with that multiple attack - I hope my chosen words will be worthy.

    Hope the editing is going well ;)

  4. Well done AJ!

    Thanks Lily! Such an accolade when in the company of such an elite group. Thanks to everyone for your encouragement. I'm lost for words ... until next week ...

  5. Congratulations, AJ and Scratchypen, two outstanding entries, I have to say! Keep writing the dark stuff, you are worthy winners.

    Good words this week, Lily, going to be interesting.


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