Friday, 21 January 2011

Skull-Shaped Lover - Illustrated!

You've seen this before, but now it's back with a gorgeous photo-illustration courtesy of our friend - artist and Red Skies Press editor, Mark Anthony Crittenden. Wish I could say I'm the one in the undies, sadly she's just an aspiration (sucks tummy in).

Skull-Shaped Lover
Artwork by Mark Anthony Crittenden
Skull-Shaped Lover
by Lily Childs

There is more
than bright colours
in her wardrobe.
There’s the head
of a dead man too.
He peeks through flouncy blouses,
winking in pink,
smirking at blue.
She found him by the roadside,
detached, quite
Grinning at passers-by,
spitting at them with lies
about how he got there -
laughing at their replies.
He prefers the dark, he says;
likes to laze in her
cotton and silk.
His milky eyes suck in
tints and hints of greens
and reds.
He licks the hanging fabrics,
bites off trailing threads.
And when she’s home
from the office,
kicked off her shoes,
fed, bathed and nude
he calls to her, sweetly
“Miss Suzie”
until her hands finger the door,
when she joins him
behind her dresses.
She strokes the tresses
of his cold, dead head,
kisses his mouth and then

takes him to bed.


  1. Fantastic!! That bloke reminds me of the lead singer of Muse.

    Lily, I'll bet you'd look just as fine in her undies. :-)

    Have a great weekend!!

  2. Ooh, so he does! Love a bit of Muse, me.

    Aw, blush.

    You have a good weekend too.

  3. Lily, have a nosey at the photo on my blog. I know you'll appreciate it. Gutted I didn't get it perfect!!

  4. THAT's who he reminds me of......! Ah, Muse.....

    Great little bit of writing, too! (I like her name!) ;-p

  5. That pic is awesome. Mark did a tremendous job with it. Fits perfectly.

  6. David - the photo of Mother Moon on your blog is just gawjuss. Love it.

  7. Thanks, everyone. I just had to do something proper for that awesome story. I'm so glad you liked it. (putting shades back on and covering the staples in my neck. LOL)


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