Thursday, 30 December 2010


A quickie...

I simply must recommend the latest stories on the marvellous Thrillers Killers 'n' Chillers. Buffalo Gal Jodi MacArthur whacks the crap outa Santa whilst R.S. Bohn snips and slices under the boardwalk. Love you two horrornistas.

What I Did On My Holiday is a chilling child's essay by Lewis Morris. Ash Scott-Lockyer's Chop Shop is pure UK Geezer Noir and Calling Out By Joshua Scribner worries the parents amongst us.

Go visit. Do... You'll love it.

Prediction Winner

The last Prediction winner of 2010 - and what a year it's been. Such extraordinary flashes and drabbles from wonderfully talented and imaginative authors. It's been a privilege to host and comment on your work.

OK - it's another toughie, comme d'habiteuuuwwwwwdah. Summary time:

  • George Michael crooned disdain in David Barber's Christmas In The Asylum.
  • The message from across the stars in Michael Solender's The Intended terrifies us as a human race.
  • The Priory is mimimanderly's mini epic adventure. Does she survive the descent?
  • Despair rises to hope, and back again in AidanF's The Governor's Daughter.
  • Antonia Woodville's gormless gold-seeker gets his come-uppance in Treasure Hunt.
  • William Davoll is triple-distilled this week. Yo Mother is a festive nightmare. Her Beauty took mine eyes speaks of Godgifu, Lady Godiva and Peeping Tom. Winter Bleak twists the legend of the apparent Virgin Birth.
  • I think my Unholy Worship might have upset some; can't apologise I'm afraid. Shit sticks.
  • Erin Cole gave us Geminis a swift kick up the backside in Free Horoscopes. And then there's the Cancerians...
  • Beneath the Tombstone of St. Selabon saw two grave-robbers meet their demise at Chris Allinotte's fingers.
  • We had a double blast from Susan May James, teasing us as always with snatches of greater things. Buried Treasure's monkvestite is about to be thwarted whilst Monks' Mistress reveals a true goldigger. 
  • Cold sacrifice slides through AJ Humpage's macabre observation in Of Separation.
  • scratchypen's bad guys are hiding the glimmering evidence in Crime Won't Pay. They've been spotted.
  • Pixie J. King sneaks in to report a mashed-up robbery in A Tale of Two Brothers.

And so, the Lily's Friday Prediction final winner of 2010 - and he's been nearly there for weeks - is... William Davoll for Winter Bleak. It chilled me to the bone in both atmosphere and description, and threw up some of my own convictions. Congratulations William. In a further bleak message Michael Solender reaps Runner-Up prize with The Intended. Well done Michael (I'm giggling at saying that to you!)


The morning of New Year's Eve 2010 will see the year's last ever Prediction. Maybe it'll carry something a little bit different...
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