Thursday, 2 December 2010

Prediction Winner

Time for the results from last week's Prediction - whoa - you are a right tasty bunch! These are the most beautiful, the most dangerous bites of fiction. Thank you for coming back week after week, and welcome too, to new entrants. Even if you're just taking a sneaky peak, you're a part of it.

The summary:

  • Profoundly heart-breaking - Michael Solender's recounting of a life not wanting to be lived.
  • The story of the cold yet manic Cutter by Anthony Cowin sliced through our vengeful senses.
  • Chris Allinotte's thieving Diamond Diana is the deadliest enemy of arsehole toffs.
  • Antonia Woodville's bonkers dialogue had us seeking for explanation, and squawk, did we find it!
  • The brilliantly titled Scarbucks from Sue H was more amusing and satisfying than it morally ought to be. Hey ho. Result.
  • Honey by AJ Humpage hurt our very souls; so wrong, so unnacceptable.
  • Bill Owens hit us with another double:
    • #1 - poor kidda getting revenge on his guardian felt correct; justice without intervention
    • #2 - Bill kindly wrote this about me "swaying, twisting, bronze peacocks in their outlandish costumes. Curved where they should be." (Not really.) A tale of restrained hunger.
  • Me, I had trailer-trash Chuck struttin' his pinched stuff before punctured Mama.
  • Vegas from RS Bohn slapped us hard with the relentless sleeze of the city of filth.
  • We were teased and taunted by David Barber's The Undead, and SO want to know what happens next.
  • I have avoided the toilet since William Davoll's silent, slimey and squidactic 'Don't Sit Down'. But oh, oh, oh...
  • Elspeth questioned and brought us firmly down to earth with desperately tragic A Mother's Love.
  • asuqi's freaky twist in time tapped at reality; I found it horridly and beautifully wanting.
  • A noir hit with Perp from Susan May James tricked us into believing it was a standard, if perverse investigation - until the fidget...
  • The skinny bitch of Sandie Owen's Peacock Feather screeched her last with the stabbing of the quill, or it shut her up at least.
  • Pixie J. King's upsetting tale, Daddy's Little Girl hit hard when heard with the abuser's voice. May he die - painfully.
  • AidanF was a little late this week ;), but didn't disappoint. Hurt and loss spasms through this semi-dialogue in the world of faery.

For its most bizarre and striking imagery, this week's winner is asuqi with Every Present is a Pearl on an Eternal String. I just loved this wild delivery. Congrats asuqi. And because I love gruesome toilet humour which made everyone here uncomfortable, my runner-up is William Davoll's anal (in the most painful sense) Don't Sit Down. Well done William.

Unbelievably hard to judge. Please make my job even harder next week, you horribly talented writers you.

New words will be announced tomorrow.
Lily Childs is a writer of horror, esoteric, mystery and chilling fiction.

If you see her dancing outside in a thunder storm - don't try to bring her in. She's safe.